Zamnesia Zuchtset (Zamnesias Choice) 1200ml


Begib Dich mit dem Zamnesias Choice Zuchtset auf eine psychedelische Reise! Mit ein wenig Geheimnistuerei werden wir zufällig eine Cubensis-Variante aus unserem Sortiment aus 1A Pilzzuchtsets für Dich auswählen, damit Du zuhause problemlos mehrere Schübe anbauen kannst! Das Zamnesia Zuchtset wird mit 1200ml vollständig besiedeltem Myzel geliefert. Du brauchst nur ein wenig Geduld!

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Anleitung Zamnesia Zuchtsets

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Zamnesia Zuchtset (Zamnesias Choice) 1200ml Datenblatt
Volumen 1200ML
Marke Zamnesia

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Bewertungen (121)

    Molto belli primo kit acquistato purtroppo non potuto dare frutti per mio sbagliò.Ma quando io scritto a supporto mi hanno chiesto mandare foto e spiegare come e cosa ho fatto e abbiamo scoperto che io lasciato molta acqua dentro la busta che fatta male a kit.Ma secondo che mi hanno mandato con cure giuste sta dando primi funghi.bellisimmi


    Golden teacher
    1er essai.. 2 kits golden teacher... Résultat mitigé... 1er flush=100g sur le n*1 et 80g sur n*2 2ème flush= 28g sur le n*1 et 35g sur le n*2... Je dois avoir "trop" pris de LSD parce que j'ai l'impression d'avoir des "anticorps" contre les champignons.... Je ne peux pas dire que je ne les ai pas senti, mais il me faudrait 40gmin pour UN VRAI VOYAGE. Mais ça ne va pas me dissuadé..


    Nice Trip, Good Customer Service
    Started the Prozess 4 weeks ago and have today my first try by harvesting the biggest shroom and eat Its Trashure Coast and i had nice dreamlike closed eye visions i took 1hour till it began and lasted 2hours Due to the short lasting of the trip i will try higher doses step by step untill i reach the level i got on guided trip long time ago with open eye haluzinations Due to low light and venting i got not pleasuring yield optical wise Venting is Important The first box i got was cracked and contaminated but i got it replaced by a very nice customer service


    Super trip
    Bien reçu en temps et en heure et facile à cultiver, trip très euphorique et court environ 4h. Pour 1 gramme de produit sec. Trés chouette.


    Was pleased to receive mazatapec kit. The flushes have produced few mushrooms, but I am also learning from trial and error as a first time grower. Hope for better results in the future.


    Buy SUPAGRO instead
    I've been buying kits through Zamnesia for years now, have had my bit of trial by error with earlier kits. I've been buying SUPAGRO kits earlier, and have had no problem. But these Zamnesia grow kits are not okay, nowhere in the guide did it say that you should cold shock your kits, so I assumed that these were done differently but they're not you need to cold shock em 12 hours in the fridge for the first flush. The guide tells you to soak em in water and then just put em up, nothing with the fridge. not cool. Then there's the oxygen holes, they come sealed, you can open and wave the bag every day for oxygen intake but it's super unintuitive, after a month, i punched holes through the bag myself and now a few started growing. I would not recommend buying Zamnesia growkits before they fixed their manual.


    Riesige shrooms!
    Ich hatte erst Angst als nach drei Wochen noch nichts zu sehen war aber als erste Pins rauskamen hat es eine Woche gedauert bis ich die ersten Pilze ernten konnte. Der größte war fast 40 g schwer (nass). Immer wieder Zamnesia!!


    Are you kiding?
    4 boxes / 4 was broken ..150 e for mushs Ans this IS the answer . Hi Mathias, thank you for sending this through! We're sorry to see this. The good news is that this doesn't have to be a problem for growing the mushrooms. The plastic box is there mostly for blocking water. Could you try to fix it with (adhesive) tape and start the growing process according to the instructions? We will of course offer you a solution if the grow kits turns out to be defective after all. Let me know if you would try this for us! Kind regards, Joëlle Zamnesia Support 150 e and I have to put tape on 4 non stérile boxes ????!!!!!!


    Amazing products
    In the meantime I ordered 2 of the surprise boxes. 1sz time I got treasure coast, 2nd was golden teacher. Its amazing, the first box is on its 5th flush now! And there's still no end in sight. The second flush is a bit newer and the first pins are popping up now. I so tried some of the TCs and it's just perfect. Will always buy again


    récolte très petite sur maza
    reçu des Mazapatec, 1er flush 80gr mouillé, 2eme 32gr, 3 ème 3 champi, 4eme en cours, 3 champi aussi... un peu déçu des boite zamnesia, la première est arrivé contaminée mais j'ai droit à un avoir, et celle-ci est très peu rentable, peu être parce que c'est un vieux stock vu la date sur la boite. Si la prochaine boite n'est pas plus productive que ça je ne pense plus recommander, mais plutôt faire moi même. Sinon effets sympa, mais moins fort que des truffes : Introspection profonde sans effets secondaires et facilement gérable, bien pour débutants souhaitant ce reconnecté à soit même, mais ne pas s'attendre à quelque chose de fou. Par contre le goût... je crois bien que c'est les pires !

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    Die Pilz-Heizmatte von Zamnesia

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Zamnesia Zuchtset (Zamnesias Choice) 1200ml
Zamnesia Zuchtset (Zamnesias Choice) 1200ml