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Supa Gro Kit 100% 'brazil'

 4.5/5 (79)

    Good Good
    This was my first kit that i got from zamnesia. Pins were visible quick after 5days around the whole cake. 5-6days later i harwested around 260g wet mushroom. The second flush was like more then half of the first flush. (around 190g wet) Third one was around 90g wet. And the last and fourth flush was just about 2-3 shrooms. Was happy with this kit! I ordered this one because mckennai was sold out. No regret :D


    The best yield out of all kits
    Easy to grow, the mycelium, begins to compact ready for fruiting very early, then not compacting too much it stops for a day or 2 and then all of a sudden the entire kit is covered in knots. Fruiting is slightly slower going from knots to pins, but then speeds up to normal fruiting speed from pins to full fruits. 602g wet weight first flush under bag conditions with no artificial light! I did accidentally break off the main fruit moving the bag however, by standing it back up right it still continued to grow. Amazing!


    Best grow
    After a few kits from Zamnesia this was by far my favourite grow. Beautiful substrate really healthy mycelium. I got around 4 flushes in a total of around 35g. Really beautiful trip with these beauties.


    Perfect grow, with huge flushes!


    Not Growing
    Hi, i bought this kit with great excitement on March 31th and started immediately. On the second week i was hoping to see the heads popping out but they did not. But it is my first time so i did not really care and kept taking care of them. It's now the 4th week and there are still no heads. So does anyone else have this problem? I'm sure that they are great shrooms that's why i bought them but maybe i got a bad kit? I did everything that was told me, always washed my hands and i even put on gloves. Can someone give some tips or a answer?


    Fast and easy
    I tried this kit and I must say it's a perfect way to start growing mushrooms, I had a first nice harvest and a few extra flushes. These mushrooms are actually pretty fast, the first flush took barely 2 weeks to grow and the other flushes even less. I definetly recommend these expecially to newbies.


    mooi substraat
    een 'hard' substraat, dusdanig doorgroeid dat het bijna de bak uiteen drukt. Helaas heb ik geen oogst gehaald want ik wilde de bak gebruiken om een lading stro te enten. Het stro raakte echter geinfecteerd, waarschijnlijk mijn eigen fout. Een doorgroeide growkit is ook niet geschikt als broed, mijn fout.


    beautiful babies
    The shrooms just started to get the head out of the earth, they are gorgeous, looot's of them. Can't wait to have a taste, and will post the answer to that. I just love their cousins Amazonia and hope they are so good as them. But the kit is really super they born like crazy


    Excellent customer service and product
    Excellent customer service and product, please note though, your yields are based on luck more than anything; so don't expect yields like on the photo. But you will get a nice amount of mushrooms, for very little effort, so five stars from me. If you can't have your kit on display by a window (for privacy reasons), simply hang a cfl (google the specifics) to one side above the kit for 12 hours on and twelve hours off (under a desk is ideal) and when pins appear in 6-10 days you can turn the light on for just 6 hours (even as low as 3 will do nicely). Ps, you only have to spray the sides of the bag once right at the start, just leave it to do it's thing while pins are making their way out. (It helps to open the top of the bag and waft some air in their for 15 mins, every day throughout the whole thing) Once pins pop out you should spray once a day until harvest. Keep yourself extremely clean throughout. Both instruction pdfs for this kit are quite misleading, so hopefully this will save you some hassle on google. Brilliant company, Zamnesia. Hats off to them. Great mushroom strain too. Fast for a day before (water only) and you only need to eat a gram for VERY noticable effects.


    kit reçu très rapidement ,1er rush en moins de 10 jours et correct niveau quantité,lancé en meme temps un kit Camboge qui lui aussi est parti aussi rapidement; les 2 sortes associer sont parfait ,pris 2gr sec = bonne petite visue et barre de rire (monté en 45 minutes et pour une duré d'environ 3-4 heures (avec des ics et des bas))

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