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Supa Gro Kit 100% 'Brazil'

 4.5/5 (73)

    good fast strong
    grow kit arrived very quickly. the cake was good colonized. after 17 days my first flush was ready to harvest. after 6 days my secund flush was ready. good box I will defenitely order again from zamnesia


    only one flush
    both kits gave only one flush of (i must say) quite large units


    Very bad
    Bought it together with McKennai. Where the McKennai grows great, the Brazil only gives green and black mold.


    The best i've ever tried
    They grow up thr first time in 12 days, i really loved them, they was both visual et phyisical et euphorical i really loved them


    Good mushroom all round
    First flush very fast and good yield, second flush coming slow with only a few large mushrooms... this may be due to the recent drop in temperatures.. Pack a decent punch,would recommend as a medium level mushroom.


    Great yield
    Lots of big mushrooms. Easy to do. Customer service is fast and helpful. Over all very pleased.


    Good Good
    This was my first kit that i got from zamnesia. Pins were visible quick after 5days around the whole cake. 5-6days later i harwested around 260g wet mushroom. The second flush was like more then half of the first flush. (around 190g wet) Third one was around 90g wet. And the last and fourth flush was just about 2-3 shrooms. Was happy with this kit! I ordered this one because mckennai was sold out. No regret :D


    The best yield out of all kits
    Easy to grow, the mycelium, begins to compact ready for fruiting very early, then not compacting too much it stops for a day or 2 and then all of a sudden the entire kit is covered in knots. Fruiting is slightly slower going from knots to pins, but then speeds up to normal fruiting speed from pins to full fruits. 602g wet weight first flush under bag conditions with no artificial light! I did accidentally break off the main fruit moving the bag however, by standing it back up right it still continued to grow. Amazing!


    Best grow
    After a few kits from Zamnesia this was by far my favourite grow. Beautiful substrate really healthy mycelium. I got around 4 flushes in a total of around 35g. Really beautiful trip with these beauties.


    Perfect grow, with huge flushes!

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