Salvia Extrakt 20x


Auf halbem Weg zwischen dem reinen Kraut und der ultimativen Stärke von 40fachem Extrakt, wird dieser 20fache Salvia Extrakt Dir mit Sicherheit die Spinnweben aus dem Hirm blasen.

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Bewertungen (122)

    Man darf diese Substanz trotz ihrer (in den meisten Ländern vorherrschenden) Legalität nicht unterschätzen, im Gegenteil: Ein Köpfchen von diesem Extrakt wird einen in ganz andere Sphären katapultieren. Salviatrips sind (zumindest für mich) unangenehm und verwirrend, aber zugleich faszinierend und vor allem unglaublich intensiv. Mehr als 5 Minuten würde ich diese Wirkung jedoch nicht aushalten. Immer zuerst normale Blätter rauchen und schauen, wie man darauf reagiert, erst dann Extrakte probieren! Gute Reise :)


    x20 is perfect ! (for me!)
    This is a real x20, not the x20 who i smoke when i was a teen. Take a big, a middle, or a little measure this is something ! Between 2 or 10 min (with some beers the duration of the trip) but this will be 2 or 10min where you will be in a kind of ayahuasca's trip if you take a big measure. Take this with a friend who you like a lot ! Take this in a forest for exemple or close the windows if you are in appartment. Don't change or reformulate this product... he is perfect like this. I want to be informated for the next summer's sale, thank you Zamnesia !


    Sally is serious
    I've smoked salvia extract in the past but it was too much of a crazy time to comprehend any kind of message. Couple years later I decided to try it again and boy it has pleasantly surprised me. When I smoked it before I was like 'Oh no never again' but this time round I've had far more profound experiences with it, which is groovy. But before I just start ramblin' I'd just like to say feels like a super clean/pure product which you only need a pinch to activate, I have'nt tried a fat bowl yet don't know if I'll dare, maybe I'll get a bong first instead of a pipe haha. Great customer service it came in a week. No complaints peace


    Tripped complete and utter balls.
    I'd never tried such potent psychedelics before, so it was a new experience: to say the least. Using a little pipe, I had a few hits of the Salvia dried leaves which had very little effect, so I added a bit of extract to some more leaves and ripped it up and held in for about 20-30 seconds. I'm thinking I may of over did it a little, especially for a first timer, as I tripped the fuck oot (which was the point...) but it was an onslaught at first; next to impossible to articulate with words: it certainly took material reality and stuffed it into a metaphysical industrial paint shaker. But after that and after managing to move, realising I was tripping, it was pleasant. Watched the veneer on my wardrobe move like a river. In the days following my understanding of the spiritual and the resonating energy field of this crystalline universe have become even more lucid. Skookum as frig!


    Weird substance, but I like it


    La salvia 20x est assez puissante, faire très attention aux dosage, ça peut faire partir très loin ... Sinon très bon trip et très bon site je recommande, service de qualité, livraison assez rapide ne pas hésiter à les contacter au moindre problème, je recommande.


    Experiencia más profunda de mi vida, no sólo en el momento sino también por lo que te hace reflexionar en las semanas sucesivas. Mucho cuidado con el entorno y con la actitud/predisposición con la que se va, la salvia puede ser muy confusa, y sobre todo NO es una sustancia recreativa. Echas 0'05g (nunca recomendaría echar más de 0'1, y menos si es tu primera vez) sobre un colchón de tabaco en una pipa, das una calada lo más profunda posible, aguantas el humo durante 30s.... Y antes de que te des cuenta, estás out. Producto de gran calidad, ni un solo problema, gracias Zamnesia!

    Der Kunde hat das Produkt bewertet, aber keine Rezension verfasst


    Zeer goed
    Levering correct verlopen. Producten zijn zoals beloofd. Zeer tevreden klant!


    After ordering on, I think friday, it arrived on a tuesday. Dillevery time is nice and quick! The product itself was AMAZING. I have to admit that i completely underestimated it, but i do not regret the 0,25 grams i hit in my first trip. It was by far the most intense, mindblowing and even spiritual experience i have ever had. After taking two big hits from my bong my friends/tripsitters saw me rolling on the floor, talking to the door in a non existing language and looking around confused. I was gone for about 20 TWENTY! minutes and had convinced myself i was a one dimensional dot in the middle of nowhere. After which i upgraded myself to a two dimensional wal. The wall discovered it had eyes and with its eyes it saw it had arms, legs and a body. In about 45 minutes i had totally rediscovered my body. Cant describe it any better than literally feeling reborn. I do have to say that my friends and I concluded that everything after the trip is better than the trip itself. The trip itself we found to be rather scary (my friend saw the end of the world) and confusing. But when you start thinking about the experience it is by far the most awesome thing i have ever done. After my trip all of my friends were eager to try it too. To my opinion an amazing product, but for a totally different setting than other drugs. This is spiritual, not for partying. Thanks Zamnesia!

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Salvia Extrakt 20x
Salvia Extrakt 20x
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