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Salvia Extrakt 10x (1 Gramm)

Salvia Extrakt 10x (1 Gramm)

Gut für erfahrene Psychonauten, wird Dich das 10x Extrakt in die Ausläufer des Gebirges bringen, den man Salvia Wirkung nennt.

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    Von am 20/Mrz/2017 :

    Titel : Pas très puissant
    Kommentar : Aucun effet visuel ! Première fois avec de la salvia, j'ai claqué 3 douilles pure et quasiment aucun effet ressenti !

    Von :

    Der Kunde hat das Produkt bewertet, aber keine Rezension verfasst

    Von am 02/Mrz/2017 :

    Titel : satisfait !!
    Kommentar : bonne expérience a bientôt.

    Von am 16/Feb/2017 :

    Titel : Wahnsinn
    Kommentar : Echt beeindruckend. Dafür, dass man gerade mal 0,1 g davon rauchen muss, ist die Wirkung extrem stark. Sehr empfehlenswert, aber wirklich nur für erfahrene Konsumenten.

    Von :

    Der Kunde hat das Produkt bewertet, aber keine Rezension verfasst

    Von am 20/Jan/2017 :

    Titel : Very nice product
    Kommentar : Very nice product, very strong. Has a good flavour. I ve tried with tobbaco in a joint and pure in a pipe. Works better with the pipe.

    Von am 28/Dez/2016 :

    Titel : Wow !
    Kommentar : I made a lot of research about Salvia and finally decided to try it myself. Product came fast. I took 50mg and smoked it in a pipe. Keep the smoke in your lungs between 10-25 seconds. Be careful it hits you really fast, faster then you would expect. To have a good experience make sure you take it in a safe environment with people that you trust and that can be quiet while you enjoy your experience. If you do it right, you will be rewarded. Besides that - have a heluva time ! Looking forward to my next rollercoaster ride. Thanks Zamnesia !

    Von :

    Der Kunde hat das Produkt bewertet, aber keine Rezension verfasst

    Von am 23/Nov/2016 :

    Titel : salvia x10 experience
    Kommentar : This was my first time trying this product and I highly recommend it. You won't have to much hallucinations with x10 but it is a good start for newbies so that they don't get overwhelmed the first time. Do it with friends it's more fun and always use a bong and a butane lighter when using salvia.

    Von am 03/Nov/2016 :

    Titel : Salvia
    Kommentar : Very very interesting!

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Von simon thouet | 2013-09-10 00:32:59

Est-ce que ce sont des extrait standardisé.


This product is not standardized. However, it is subject to regular checks and high requirements. We're therefore happy to announce that the quality is similar and feedback received shows that many of our customers agree.

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