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Mondo Sporenspritze Psilocybe cubensis Treasure Coast

 5.00/5 (10)

    treasure coast spore syringe
    Great customer service ! Fast delivery. Unfortunately the mycelium growth was much to slow, but when I asked Zamnesia for advice to speed it up, they offered a replacement syringe, it's now on its way. I am very impressed. Couldn't be better.

    R. M.

    Good spores
    Producing a variety of phenotypes. For the people a bit more advanced in their mycology it really is a treasure coast. You will find a treasure of phenotypes to isolate and propagate further. I recomend this to anyone wanting to take a next step in the mushroom cultivation.

    M. B.

    Great company
    Fast delivery

    L. C.

    Fast growing with plenty of spores
    Brokeboi jars ready in week and a half.

    P. H.

    Very good quality

    M. P.

    Perfect product to grow m. mushrooms! Esay to buy and very good delivery time

    L. H.

    Très bon produit
    Premier essai avec une seringue, habituellement j'utilise des fioles de spore, c'est complètement validé. Je vais même me servir des seringues à l'avenir. Simple d'utilisation, rapport qualité-prix très bon, je recommande. Et cette variété est bien sympathique, je l'ai testée cet été, une pure merveille !

    C. A.

    First Treasure Coast
    20ml was more than enough. 8x spawn all looking good so far. Another 2/3weeks and ill be all ready to go. Can't wait

    J. G.

    Treasure Coast
    Great product looks good under microscope good delivery time and communication

    K. W.

    Good quality!
    Fast delivery of goods across borders and discreet packaging of the shipment. Quality product in perfetc cleanliness and great results. I recommend Zamnesia and its products!

    M. H.
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