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Salvia Extrakt 10x

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    Really potent
    Very strong, be careful and take it with a trip-sitter that is not in the same drug. I smoked it in a bong and as I was exhaling the smoke it hitted right-away and I could´nt even hold the bong. Took 1/4 of it and totally deconstructed the reality and the sense of my self being. I felt like I was nothing, like I was less than a grain of sand and my existence did not matter. It was a light dose and I could not control the trip, unlike shrooms. I dont want to take it again as I dont feel it can be any more good and I dont feel the need to it. It was 100% an introspective trip. My friend was talking to me and did not communicated to him as I felt his existence also didn´t matter. I felt there was much more to reach if if was a higher dose, like there was this other reality that I knew existed but could not reach. There were entities there and they saw me as a stranger that was passing by. The visuals were high and it felt like a dream as the space I was in did not exist and I was in this other dimension. I took other lighter doses some time ago and I felt the same. Like I was in other dimension, really close to this one. In all the experiences I ended up with out my shirt or clothes as it itched and I felt I did not need and artificial material to live and everything I own didn´t matter. Well, It was interesting, try it out yourself, start with a low dose. Cheers


    Chiamale se vuoi.. emozioni!
    Che dire... A parer mio è magica, se si abbina con una sinthwave accurat poi è top, viaggiare fa veramente viaggiare... Consiglio vivamente ai fratmm italiani. 5stelle da sballo ben meritate


    Very good
    Very good experience!


    Salvia 10X
    The 10X comes by gram which makes it more fun to share. I'll stick with the 10X which gives me a sensation of leaving the current world and entering another time in which it seemed as though everything was unknown to me. My friend and I both burst in laughter for a long time as if we were worry free children again. The first time was a bit unsettling as you lose awareness of your surroundings sometimes and the trip is not the same for everyone. Good experience overall for a short mind bending trip.


    Extract bit weak, though the substance itself, oh boy...
    For a 10x extract, I'd say it's a bit underpowered. Might have stumbled on a bad batch though... That aside, this is the only psychedelic substance I know of, that is capable of messing with the very dimensions of the universe. It has the potential to either 2Dify everything in your direct line of sight into a mobile painting of some sort, or it can temporarily send you into a non-euclidean plane of existence (akin to a different universe than ours) with mind-bending geometrical somersaults. Also includes the standard "trip feeling". Has the potential to refresh your psyche, though it is NOT to be done frequently, as it can also do the exact opposite, if careless enough.


    Non ho capito molto


    I was sound
    One slow hit on a pipe (0.1-0.2g), held for as long as possible then layed down and closed my eyes while listening to music. Well music was not exactly what happen next, I was sound and light, like flappy bone things dancing and pulsing? It all made sense and was comforting (which is uncommon with salvia imo). The only thing bad was that it was over so fast! But buyer beware it hits like a hammer.


    niente di particolare, stesso effetto di una canna normale




    Bella botta!
    Erano quasi 20 anni che non la provavo e devo dire che... É sempre sconvolgente!


    Pas comme j'attendais, déçu du produit
    J'ai mis une dose normale de x10, mais je ne suis pas partie, seulement un effet de defonce au cannabis. J'ai repris 3 douilles par la suite en en mettant plus, mais ça a juste amplifié les effets de défonce, pas d'effets visuels, ni de deconnection de la réalité, seulement une défonce, la tête qui tourne et des maux de tête peu après (oui j'ai tout fait comme il fallait, douille, 30 sec ect)


    Very strong
    Non avevo mai provato la Salvia e devo dire che non mi aspettavo che l'estratto 10x fosse così forte! Nonostante abbia provato quasi tutti gli allucinogeni questo senza dubbio rimane quello tra i viaggi più difficili, senza la dovuta preparazione il bad trip è assicurato, per fortuna dura massimo 10 minuti, invece con un buon set e setting le visioni sono molto nitide e ci saranno tante sensazioni corporee. Consiglio di consumarla in una pipa come prima volta e poi di passare al bong, da fare assolutamente al buio in una stanza confortevole e magari con della musica adatta (per me sono perfetti Brian Eno e i Popol Vuh)


    ho fumano una bomba da 0,4 quasi metà della bustina e mi è bastato per capire che spacca! Fumandola nel bong ne sprechi meno e ti godi meglio la salvia! Buona esperienza


    Bonne expérience


    Produit de qualité
    La Salvia x10 est parfaite pour les débutants comme moi. J'ai eu de quoi voyager dans un autre monde sans problème !


    Perfetta per principianti
    Soddisferà le vostre aspettative se siete degli amanti delle esperienze psichedeliche abbastanza forti ed è la vostra prima volta con la salvia, garantito!


    Salvia 10x basta un tiro per me
    Mai fumato nulla in vita mia ho provato un solo tiro di fumo salvia 10x non ero assolutamente pronto a quello che mi sarebbe successo... Prima che riuscissi a mettermi a sedere mi si è abbuiato tutto ero una cellula insignificante nel nulla senza scampo ne memoria non mi ricordavo di essermi fumato la salvia quindi non avendo riferimenti credevo che la mia vita fosse stata sempre quella.... Dopo un'eternità per me ma qualche minuto nel mondo reale mi è apparso il mio salotto allora mi sono ricordato di chi fossi e il motivo per cui ero in quel nulla, da li me la sono un'attimo goduta però ormai mi era rimasto il panico iniziale e quindi non vedevo l'ora di tornare indietro..... In un totale di 10minuti mi è apparso tutto alla normalità senza nessuno strascico se non il battito a 1000.... La prossima volta mi devo preparare meglio perché non avrei mai pensato a una cosa del genere... Mi ha fatto venire in mente di quanto sia bella la nostra vita sulla terra e apprezzare di più quello che abbiamo in questo mondo e che non possiamo portarci dietro nella vita astrale


    Its strong.
    Have experience with other psychadelics like lsd, mushrooms and wanted to try salvia Smoked 0,05g in a bong. And felt like a tree. Pretty uncomfortable. I was glad when it was over after 5 or 10 minutes. Definitely know that this shit is stronger then lsd (100ug) and mushrooms (3g) I was doing it in the forest with a tripsitter so i think maybe thats why i became a tree. If you know what you are doin this is good to start with salvia. If you are a on going psychonaut first try a lower extract or a diffrent drug


    Important Information - Please read before you buy and try
    I was more than happy to find this product here. Shipping to germany took 52 hours. ( from the moment they send it away) I havent tried it yet but from the smell I would judge that it is what I ordered. The herb is so strong you can smell it through 2 zip bags. The smell alone is enough to give you a rush of enjoyment. You basically dont even need to ingest it - smelling it is enough. Since I tried salvia a few years ago I feel like I should give new customers a few hints. First of all a word of warning: Salvia is one of the strongest drugs known to mankind! This is not a joke! - If you never tried it you are in for a hell of a ride! The effects it can have may vary widely: From just a bit giggly to total loss of control and entering another dimension. I remember one time when I transformed into a tree. Of course my physical apperance didn't change but my body felt like my skin was made of bork and I could feel the water rush through my tree venes. As I said already you never know what will happen if you take a hit. That is why you have to follow a few rules if you want to try it. First of all: Do not consume it when you are outdoors where random people can walk by. Second: Do not consume it alone and/or when you are sad/depressed or stressed. Now some tips for consumtion: Switch of the TV. have some nice chill out music running. Make sure you have a trip sitter ( a friend ) in the room and close the door with a key. lower the blinds and switch of all phones. Now the fun can begin: Take a bong and prepare a mixture that is basically 90% Tobacco. If it is your first try with extracts make that 99% Tobacco! As I said it is a VERY potent drug - so you do NOT want to overdose! Speaking of overdosing: The problem with those extracts is that sometimes the active ingredient is distributed unevenly throughout the product. That is why some hits may be less strong and other hits may send you to outer space with the same dosage. Therefore you should stick to the non-extract if it is your first try. Also buying higher than 10x is like playing russian roullette. - DO NOT BUY any stronger than 10x !!!!! - I have no idea why those strong extracts even exist. 10x extract is more than enough to kick you out of this world!! The trip can last from 30 seconds to maybe 3 minutes - after half an hour you should be able to drive a car again. Now for the consumtion take a big hit from the bong and keep it in your lungs for as long as you feel comfortable. The effect may hit you as soon as you exhale - maybe seconds later. That's why it is very important to consume it sitting on the floor!!!!!! Do not sit on a chair. Do not sit on a sofa. Sit on the fucking ground and make sure there are no breakable things around you. If you have a trip sitter IMIDEATELY give him the bong when you are done INhaling so he can put it far away from you - you dont want to roll around in a puddle of broken glas and bongwater. If you do not feel anything after a few minutes have passed you may try to increase the dosage a LITTLE BIT for your next hit. If you fall out of this dimension and feel like you are in 3 rooms at the same time you have hit the right dosage. I dont even want to know what an accidental overdose does to you. As I said before: 1x and 5x extract is by far enough. 10x is amlost overkill and really nobody in his right mind would even touch any stonger extract. So you have been warned. Expect a very strong, short lasting trip and just let it happen and enjoy the experience. Just remember that it will soon be over - dont panik - everything will be alright after a few minutes. And if you see a white rabbit riding a unicorn that wants you to jump from the balcony in order to fly through the air like a bird: Do not believe him!! - he's a fucking liar! Anyways I hope I could help yall - especially those who want to try it for the first time. Just remember that ANYTHING can happen on salvia - and what ever happens: just keep cool it will soon be over. Enjoy your trip. Good luck.


    Positief verrast!


    Good effects
    If you take salvia, you must know how to use it right. Use a water-bong, a tempest lighter to reach high degrees and for a long time, burn it slowly and gently and inhale slowly, keep the smoke in lungs 15-20 seconds. 4 stars because I was expecting to reach level 3-4 easily, and don't think I've passed the third one with a 0.2 dose, maybe I'm resistant to salvorine.


    The best
    Never dubt of zamnesia. Just the best. Thanx for everything great trip.


    Prise avec des potes, en pipette , J'étais assis Assez rapidement sensations de lourdeur et de légèreté mélangée.. Puis jme suis levé j'avais l'impression qu'on me prenait par la main puis j'ai découvert qu'il fallait que jme colle au mur j'y étais bien, Puis le fou rire est arrivé !! Mort de rire, une envie de me vider de rire!! Avec l'impression d'être seul dans mon monde mais en sachant que mes potes étaient devant moi. Après jme suis assis sur le côté car j'étais attiré et plaqué sur le canapé et la j'ai eu des sensations que les doigts étaient tordu et que j'étais comme plaqué a une vitre et je voyais tout d'un peu plus haut. Tout cela était normal pour moi jme sentais bien!! Ca a duré 5 mn environ, Aucun effet secondaires le top!!


    Une bonne claque !
    /! Avant toute chose, j'ai consommé cet extrait seul, ce n'est pas conseillé, car la dissociation entre le corps et l'esprit provoquée empêche énormément d'avoir du recul sur ce qu'on fait pendant notre trip. Même si on n'est pas vraiment capable de faire des choses nécessitant une réflexion cognitive, ça peut être dangereux ; si vous le faites seul, sécurisez d'abord votre environnement (éloignez tout objet dangereux, objet fragile, etc., assurez-vous que personne ne s'introduira dans la pièce pour éviter toute anxiété ou délire paranoïaque durant le trip) et surtout, soyez bien dans votre tête au moment de consommer la salvia. Si votre cerveau est sensible à la molécule (certaines personnes sont plus ou moins sensibles) et si vous prenez correctement la douille (ne pas trop chauffer la douille en aspirant modérément et retenir la fumée le plus longtemps possible dans ses poumons), l'effet est garanti ! Ca m'a mis une sacré claque à chaque fois. Concernant la puissance de l'effet (il est d'un commun accord de considérer qu'il y a 6 niveaux de puissance, le 6ème étant le plus puissant, mais il l'est trop pour qu'on veuille l'atteindre [perte de conscience]), j'ai atteint le niveau 3 ; ce qui se résume à des effets visuels importants, surtout les yeux fermés, encore plus avec de la musique, et une dissociation entre mon corps et mon esprit. Les yeux ouverts, j'avais l'impression que la fille dans mon écran était devant moi, comme si l'écran n'existait plus. Ensuite, pour augmenter l'effet, je me suis isolé visuellement de mon environnement (bandeau de nuit sur les yeux), j'ai mis un casque audio à réduction du bruit ambiant (ce qui isole complètement s'il n'y a pas trop de bruit à proximité), je me suis posé sur mon lit pour pouvoir m'allonger juste après la douille (essentiel car on se sent tiré inexorablement en arrière, impossible pour ma part de ne pas m'écrouler), et j'ai mis une playlist techno en commençant par un son bien cosmique (Extrawelt - Soopertrack, pour les curieux). Je peux vous dire que je suis vraiment parti très loin. J'ai ensuite testé avec de la x40, qui m'a emmené entre le niveau 3 et 4, mais ça, ce sera dans un autre commentaire. Pour résumer, la x10 suffit à mettre une bonne claque !


    Very Nice stuff!
    Very quick delivery,just 3 days in another country,packed very well! I smoke 1 gram in four times,0.25g per time and the effect was amazing and came up immediately! I think i'll try again!


    Very nice
    A very nice start to your Salvia experience


    Very strong
    I don't have any experience with Psychedelics or any other drug except alcohol and cannabis, but I wanted to gain some. So I tried a little bit of Salvia (smoked it) , and felt nearly nothing, just a little bit. So I thought, why not use the 10x Extract. I smoked it with the bong and pure, and it was way too strong for me. Immediately after I inhaled I felt something. Then in slowly lost the control over my body, I don't remember all of it, but it felt like I was drag to another reality then come back, felt down and back to the other reality. I had to switch the TV on to have something from this reality, and tried to concentrate to not go back to the other. After like 15 min the trip was over, just felt little dizzy and scared. So I not recommend smoking the 10x pure to noobs like me.


    Et colis très discret


    Strong herb
    The Salvia Extrakt works really well even in small doses. Full recommendation!


    Excllent service - No effect !
    Zamnesia service = 5stars ! Timing, pacakage -> great. Salvia 10x experience: zero! 1st trial and I felt absolutely nothing! It is maybe due to the fact that I made a quid as indicated, and I chewed it about 20minutes. I don't say that it is a bad product, I'll re-try probably. But then, I'll try to smoke it ! According to the positive comments, this seems a better method. I hope that my comment will guide those who are using it for the 1st time...


    Sa sure pas longtemps mais alors C'est bien puissant je m'attendais pas à sa!!


    Trip sympa
    Le trip de la salvia X10 est vraiment pas mal !


    Trip tres puissant ! a refaire pour un beau voyage, et pas trop eclaté le lendemain !


    Just perfect
    I was amazed by the quality of this product! I actually did buy both the 10x and the 40x extract, but I did not and probably won't touch the 40x. I had two amazing lifechanging experiences during the same week from maybe 0.3g in total with almost instant breakthrough both times. Reverse tolerance might have contributed as I did both chew leaves and make tea the day before. Either way, this "product" made it to my top 5 most impactful life experiences. I am not saying this is what anyone else should expect, but the potential is there and you will certainly not be dissapointed! Also a big + for the customer support, kind, professional, and quickly helped me solve a problem caused by my local post company.


    J'aurai pu mettre 6 étoiles voir 1000 !!!
    Juste incroyable ! ça fait plusieurs fois que je teste maintenant et clairement la meilleure combinaison est bang/chalumeau/personne d'extrême confiance ! N'essayez pas avec des personnes avec lesquelles vous n'êtes pas hyper à l'aise ni dans un endroit trop bruyant ou stimulant, un simple ventilateur fera l'affaire 🤣🤣 Mes 2 derniers trip étaient les meilleurs, je ris mais tellement intensément qu'il faut que je m'assure d'avoir fais pipi avant et que mon voisin n'est pas là 🤣 Tout n'est pas forcément clair à chaque fois, ce que vous verrez pourra vous laisser perplexe et confus mais retenter, cette plante à vraiment un pouvoir insoupçonnée ! Merci planète Terre pour ce cadeau et merci Zamnesia de nous permettre d'y accéder aussi facilement !


    alles gut
    Habe es noch nicht probiert, aber sieht sehr gut aus!


    Tres content
    Effet impressionnant et rapide


    Producto efectivo. Me funcionó 100%. Recomiendo hacer con los pantalones bajados.


    The salvia is grade A quality but also great quantity, which was a delight to see when opening the package. So, for that reason this product gets a 5 star rating from me. Delivery communication was spot on as well, providing a tracking number with frequent updates on where it is in the delivery process. So, let's get into this strange plant itself. Salvia Divinorum has to be the strangest psychedelic I have consumed with effects starting 30 seconds after inhalation. This was only about 40 milligrams I smoked & I will be honest as I can, the effects are not pleasant and you should already know this before buying this psychedelic. When I exhaled, nothing existed. And I would repeatedly say this. "nothing exists, nothing exists" whilst also having this feeling of being turned, like a wheel. What I meant by ''nothing exists'' is that all of my human senses were no longer working, meaning that everything I saw in front of me (a tree, plants and flowers as I was in my back garden) did not have any names, labels, or anything. The only good analogy to try get this across is it was like reality from the perspective of a baby. I didn't even know what psychedelics were , so full blown amnesia occurred. I did not question this reality because of the amnesia & thought that the salvia reality was actually the true reality & had the sense of being more real than the human reality. It was very strange and I think, looking back on it and reading other people's trip reports a lot seem to experience this salvia space. Contemplating this further brings a light bulb moment to mind. I think the salvia space is indeed the true nature of reality, like before existence because prior to existence we had no perceptions, no senses for our brains to interpret into something meaningful, no sense of time, etc. The amnesia you get I must empathize this is an important part of the salvia space because it is full blown amnesia meaning that you do not remember even smoking a drug to get to the salvia space, you think that the salvia space has always existed and this is normal. The not normal is the human senses and not just human senses but all senses, including animals, insects, etc. The true " normal" or the "forever" normal is undoubtedly .............. oblivion. Such a enlightening moment can be very difficult for some , so it is a psychedelic to be researched prior to consumption and is nothing like any other psychedelic like DMT , mushrooms, or ketamine. At least with ketamine and other psychedelics , there is an intense euphoria but not with salvia. However, I must also share the other interesting effects of salvia before I conclude. One great benefit of doing lower doses is that it is great for sleep and gives a somewhat drunk-like relaxing feeling with a nice sweet aftertaste. Conclusion: Salvia is interesting and might be a tool to understand the true nature of reality. It is definitely not something you use to enjoy yourself but instead a tool to use for meditation for those who want to understand existence and to contemplate beyond the senses or want to experience what being dead feels like for 10 minutes. It is the lament configuration of psychedelics, let that be a warning.


    Dismantling the veil of the ego
    Salvia the sheppard guide me through a journey to this place of eternal stillness where everything and nothing exist at the same time and me as an embodiedment of this energy of creation from the source, this singularity giving birth and giving death in the eternal cycle of life itself. Dismantling the veil of the ego-reality in this sense, very powerful and teachings to integrate in daily life relativizing deeply all the "dizzyness" of life in day-to-day management of my own emotions, actions, reactions and ways to establish relationship with myself and the others. Blessings, and deep respect for this master plant


    Experiencia muy intensa. No hay nada parecido.
    Mucho ojo con las dosis. Y siempre con alguien vigilando que estés bien. Hay que fumarla en Bong y quemar con mechero de soplete. Reten el aire todo lo que puedas y adiós muy buenas. Se me disasocio la cabeza del cuerpo y mientras estaba atrapado en un bucle eterno mi cuerpo se levantó, abrió puertas... Etc La experiencia dura de 2 a 5 minutos pero en tu cabeza puede ser una eternidad. Mucho respeto y cuidado.


    Great place to start with salvia
    This was the first time buying salvia and im fairly certain it is 100% up to standards. This stuff will scape the surface of reality leaving you exposed to a reality we weren't meant to see.


    not bad
    You need a PIPA to smoke it


    Très bien pour débuter avec la salvia super effets mais pas un gros voyage malgré des effets fort


    Salvia 10 ×
    Pour ma part je trouve que cela n'est toujours pas assez fort je pense testé de l'extract ×20 le goût est vraiment dégueulasse on va pas ce le cacher et a moins de réussir a prendre un bonne douille on ne peut pas avoir d'hallucinations je dit pas que cela est impossible bien entendu peut être que je n'ai pas assez d'expérience avec les douilles aussi


    Deguelasse en tout et effet minime floutage 2minute et basta decu


    Léger pour moi
    J'ai tester le salvia x10 en la fumant dans un bong 2 fois, mes deux expériences furent similaires, un énorme fou rire et du mal a rester lucide, c'est comme si je partais puis je revenais à la réalité comme quand on se réveille d'un rêve. Je crois n'avoir atteint que le niveau 1 ou 2 des effets.


    Funciona pero puede ser aterrador
    Me encerro en una especie de bucle psicodélico en el cual no sabía ni quien era, pensaba que toda mi realidad era ese bucle una y otra vez, una experiencia absolutamente horrible, pero funcionar funciona, a mi amigo no le fue tan mal tuvo alucinaciones y tal pero bien.


    Non funziona
    Non funziona


    Fantastic A+++
    Fast shipping, track and trace is great, knowing where my order is the whole time. My go to place Zamnesia! Thank you so much.

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