Zamnesia Answers The Web's Most Searched Cannabis Questions
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Zamnesia Answers The Web's Most Searched Cannabis Questions

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Discover the answers to some of the most searched cannabis questions on the web. From the uses and effects of cannabis to the latest in weed research, the tallest cannabis plant, and more, we offer valuable information to satisfy your curiosity on all things cannabis.

When it comes to cannabis, many questions can pop into your mind. Well, here at Zamnesia, we firmly believe there's no such thing as a stupid question, so we've tracked down some of the most searched weed queries and have all the answers you've been searching for.

The web's most searched cannabis questions answered

The Web's Most Searched Cannabis Questions Answered

Whether you're new to the cannabis scene or just looking for answers to some burning questions, the following should help.

What is cannabis used for?

What Is Cannabis Used For?

It might sound a little obvious on the surface, but there are many different uses for cannabis. The primary purpose is to experience the psychoactive effects of THC. These effects are subjective but include uplifting, euphoric feelings as well as relaxing and soothing sensations, depending on the strain and the dose. However, cannabis is also utilised by individuals in hopes of potentially alleviating symptoms of illness. Whether in the form of THC, CBD, or other cannabinoids, cannabis has long been used holistically. Furthermore, cannabis can be consumed in a variety of ways, such as smoking, vaporizing, and even oral tinctures and skin topicals.

What does an edible high feel like?

What Does An Edible High Feel Like?

It's no secret that eating edibles results in a stronger high than smoking cannabis. It also takes longer for the effects to become apparent, with many newcomers thinking they need to eat more, ultimately resulting in an overwhelming experience. Compared to smoking cannabis, which takes just a few minutes for effects to be felt, it typically takes around 40–60 minutes for cannabis edibles to kick in. From this point, the effects are long-lasting, often resulting in a more physical effect. However, the overall impact of an edible relies heavily on the amount and potency of the cannabis used, as well as the individual's tolerance and the preparation taken beforehand. For example, eating a large meal before taking an edible may result in the effects taking longer to come on.

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What are the qualities of good cannabis?

What Are The Qualities Of Good Cannabis?

There are many factors that influence the quality of good cannabis. Colour is one of the most significant indicators; high-quality buds are usually a deep green hue, potentially with hints of purple, and boast red or orange hairs alongside a frosty coating of white trichome heads. Lighter-coloured buds could indicate premature harvesting, while extremely dark green or brown buds indicate cannabis that's well past its prime. Well-developed trichomes are another factor to take into account. These sticky, resinous droplets on buds contain cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD, as well as aromatic terpenes. As a rule of thumb, the more trichomes, the better the weed. You might need a magnifying glass, but buds that are harvested at peak ripeness will showcase plenty of trichomes, and the heads of these droplets should be mostly milky-white in colour—not clear or amber.

Bud structure also plays a massive role in quality cannabis. Good-quality indica cannabis will present fatter, denser, and tightly packed buds, whereas sativa buds are airier but should still feel substantial. In contrast, hybrid buds may fall somewhere in the middle of this spectrum. Also, be on the lookout for any visible mould or powdery mildew, as this will indicate that the buds are not suitable to use. Lastly, buds should smell fragrant and pleasant. Although some strains have decidedly skunky or diesel-like flavours, they should never smell mouldy, nor should they be absent of a detectable scent.

What's new in cannabis research?

What's New In Cannabis Research?

As you can imagine, the world of cannabis research is vast and ever-changing. To write an up-to-date explanation of the current goings on will undoubtedly be outdated and “old news” by the time you read this text. That said, cannabis and its constituents are currently undergoing research to gauge their clinical potential in a vast range of conditions, from PTSD to rare seizure conditions. However, it's important to remember that until concrete evidence is provided through substantial clinical trials, cannabis shouldn't be treated as a “miracle cure” to treat all ailments.

Other areas of cannabis research focus on the potential harms of adolescent cannabis use and the effects of THC on driving performance, among others. Simply put, cannabis research is expansive, with more compelling data sure to come out with each passing year.

Which cannabis plant is the tallest?

Which Cannabis Plant Is The Tallest?

Much like other vegetation, cannabis plants come in all shapes and sizes. While it's entirely possible to grow plants that will stay relatively close to the ground, sometimes bigger is better. In fact, the tallest cannabis plant was harvested from the Hemp Traders farm in California in September 2021. The plant stood at 24 feet and 1 inch (~7.3m), a true giant and probably not a plant you'd want if you were planning on a discreet growing project! While that particular specimen garnered the world record, tall-growing cannabis cultivars can be produced at home, too. Plants such as Monster by Eva Seeds and Dutch Dragon by Paradise Seeds have the potential to reach heights of 4 and 3 metres, respectively. For more information on absolutely colossal strains, take a look at our list of the ten tallest weed plants.

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How much are cannabis seeds?

How Much Are Cannabis Seeds?

There are many, many cannabis seeds available on the market, from a wide variety of seed banks. From photoperiod feminized to autoflowering, regular, and F1 hybrids, growers are truly spoilt for choice. While the amount on offer is staggering, it also works in favour of growers, meaning no cultivation project is off the table. If a complete novice wants to purchase seeds to try growing cannabis for the first time, they could easily buy some for under €10. However, those who wish to dabble with some rare or limited-edition strains could pay upwards of €100 for the privilege. It's certainly worth researching before picking up seeds to see what works for your preferences and budget.

When will cannabis be legal?

When Will Cannabis Be Legal?

This is truly the golden question. Of course, the legality of cannabis greatly varies between countries and regions. Some countries, such as the United States of America, have legalized recreational cannabis use in 24 states and made medical use legal in 38 others, whereas, in a country like the United Arab Emirates, cannabis is completely illegal, with no change to laws happening in the foreseeable future. Even carrying the smallest amount of cannabis in this country can carry a 4-year prison sentence. Simply put, it's unlikely that cannabis will be legal everywhere, but that's not to say that many countries haven't taken steps to change their laws. Germany, for example, passed the Act on the Controlled Use of Cannabis in February 2024, making it legal for recreational and medical users to grow and utilise cannabis. Surrounding countries within Europe will likely be watching Germany's progress and potentially instigating changes for themselves.

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When does cannabis veg start?

When Does Cannabis Veg Start?

When growing cannabis, the vegetative stage is massively important, as it is the time during which plants develop lots of foliage and strong stems and branches—but when does it start? The answer to this question varies depending on who you ask. While there's no definitive number of days after sowing seeds that the veg phase starts, most growers consider veg to begin once a seedling has developed its first true leaves. From here, the vegetative phase can last anywhere from a few weeks (as with autoflowers) to many months. In general, growers tend to veg their plants for 4–8 weeks depending on the type of plant, available space, and whether they’re growing indoors or out.

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There you have it—some of the most burning questions in the cannabis community. But as you may have guessed, the cannabis landscape is constantly shifting, meaning that there will always be new questions to answer and more research carried out to back up those answers. In the meantime, we hope we've scratched that curious cannabis itch. But if you have other questions, be sure to reach out to Zamnesia via our socials and consult our regular blog articles.

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