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Top 6 Fruit & Veggie Bongs & Pipes

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Ever been stuck without a bong or a pipe? Here is a tip for next time: turn to your local farmer's market. Fruit and veggie bongs are not only utilitarian, they are also great fun. Try these ideas at home!

Don’t scoff before you have tried it! Smoking your ganja out of a fruit or veggie bong is not just for the desperate or budget stretched. This is a great idea for a number of reasons.

First, it is fun. Plus, it’s always a conversation starter. There is also not a stoner on the planet who has never found themselves in a pinch at least once. Have weed but no way to smoke it? Look no further than the vegetable drawer in your fridge or the fruitbowl on the dining table.

On top of that, you might also be pleasantly surprised. If you do it right and pick the ideal fruit or vegetable, the entire experience can take on an added flavour, if you will. Indeed, the taste of the smoke may be influenced by the fruity or earthy taste of your homemade vessel. And of course, ganja smoked fruit is a great appetizer after you are all done!

Just remember the basics and you can’t go wrong. All you have to do is skewer your target with a sharp object. In a pinch, use a pen. This creates both the chamber and the mouthpiece. The passageway through the fruit or veg is how you draw the smoke. Artful placement is a matter of experimentation. Just remember that smoke rises. Easy Peasy. Mind you, peas are not suitable to make into a bong.

Now, let's take a look at our favorite produce to turn into a sweet smoking device!

The Best Fruits And Vegetables For Making Bongs


Now that you have decided to use an au naturel bong or pipe, which fruits or veggies are best?

Think about this for a second. This is mostly science and logic. Stay clear of the mushy ones. That means bananas, tomatoes, and okra are out. Mushrooms are probably not a good idea either. Harder veggies like carrots and beetroot will work, but they will require a bit more elbow grease, as you will need to carve them. Fruits and veg with a medium density work best.

The good news? Any fruit or veg with a hard exterior, squishy flesh, and the right shape will do. Here are our top picks from the produce stand. Visit your local farmer or supermarket and get cracking.


Apples are actually perfect for this purpose. In fact, they are the stoner’s favourite go-to fruit when no bong is in sight. The concave top of the apple is a perfect place to hold the weed, and the sides of the apple can be punctured several times. The hit is large, and smoke travels well through the fruit flesh. You might be tempted to also try pears. Try to pick the longer, harder ones. Otherwise, it’s literally not worth the effort. Or the weed.


Do not go for watermelons, how tempting it may be. Other melons, like Honeydew, are better, because their hollow cores means you can suck through a big snoutful of smoke. Cantaloupes are perfect too. It may take a little practice to get the puncture holes in the right place, but once you master this art, you may never go back.


If there was a fruit better suited to a water pipe, it would be hard to find. Plus, they go great with luau-themed parties. Just cut the top off the pineapple so you can use this as a lid. Then scoop the flesh out of the rest of the fruit. Use a harder veggie, like a cucumber or carrot, to create the mouthpiece and bowl. Cut two holes in the side of the pineapple. One is for the bowl, which should be on the lower part of the fruit (under your eventual water line). The other will serve as the mouthpiece. This should go near the top of the fruit. Then, stick in the mouthpiece and bowl (cucumber/carrot). Fill the pineapple with at least an inch of water. Replace the top. You are good to go. And if tropical bongs turn out to be your forte, try a coconut next.


Are you the adventurous type? If apple bongs are a big yawn to you, why not kick it up a notch and challenge the Scoville scale? Jalopeno peppers make great, if spicy, pipes. And they are extremely easy to process: just slice off the stem and pointy end. The stem side becomes the bowl, creating more of a chillum than a pipe. Alternatively, you could create an opening near the stem on top, instead of removing the stem completely, to get more horizontal pipe action. Make sure you can draw smoke through the pepper, you may need to clear out some of the seeds, and... Voila!


The versatile cucumber... great for salads, garnishes, and for reducing puffiness around the eyes. But also perfect to smoke out of! Cucumbers are easier to carve out than carrots, however, you will still need to put in a decent amount of effort, because you need to clear a path over the full length of the cucumber. If you want to impress someone with your carving skills, be our guest, but remember you can always cut the cucumber and use a shorter piece.


The squash is one of the best veggies to try this with. Small pumpkins also work well. You can either create a bong or a pipe with squash - it depends on the kind of squash you select. A shorter, elongated squash is best as a pipe. Just skewer through and suck. However, if your squash is larger, like a pumpkin, consider making a water pipe. This is the perfect activity to perform around Halloween, when pumpkins are available on every street corner.


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