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How To Sober Up From A Mushroom Trip

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Are you high on psilocybin, but wish you were sober instead? Read on to learn how to reduce the effects of a bad trip, and speed up the end of one.

Picture this: you’re high on magic mushrooms, discussing the nature of space and time with a friend, when you get a phone call. You need to come to work! Panic sets in, and the mushrooms suddenly feel a lot less fun.

Or perhaps you've taken some mushrooms on your own, planning for a relaxing time, but instead feel agitated and unwell. You experience some disturbing visuals, and decide you’re done with this.

If you want to bail out of a psilocybin trip early, what are your options? Before we get into that, it will help to give some background on this enigmatic substance.

What Does Psilocybin Do?

Bad trips on mushrooms/truffles are quite rare. Psilocybin tends to cause euphoria, a sense of insight, enlightenment, and deep feelings of love and well-being. Users often report seeing things in new ways, and can become giddy and giggly during the trip. Aural and visual hallucinations are common, but are generally distinguishable from reality.

What Does Psilocybin Do EN

Source: Journal Of The Royal Society Interface

How Long Does A Mushroom Trip Last?


The length of a mushroom trip depends on dosage. If you’ve taken less than 5mg of psilocybin (under 0.8 grams of dried shrooms), you can expect your trip to last for about six hours. If you take between 5 and 15mg (0.8 grams to 2.4 grams of dried mushrooms), your trip will last 7 hours. Anything more than that, and you’re looking at a 7.5-hour trip.

Keep in mind, the timer starts once the effects kick in, not upon ingestion. All this can vary depending on your individual biochemistry, and the particular shrooms you took. After-effects can last up to 24 hours, but these are subtle and should leave you fully functional.

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How Do I Sober Up From A Mushroom Trip?


As per the above, if you’re six hours into your trip and want to sober up, your best bet might be to wait it out.

If you’re having a bad trip, you may want to consider working with the mushrooms to get to a more positive place, instead of fighting against them to end the trip. First off, go home or find somewhere that feels comfortable and safe. Bad trips can be associated with feelings of danger, so if you take steps to ensure your safety, you’ll likely feel a lot better. Consider inviting over a trusted friend, eating some fruit, or lying down and listening to your favourite music. Psilocybin is often a journey to the unknown, which can feel scary and intense, so introducing familiar stimuli can help soothe your mind.

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If you’d still like to expedite the end of the trip, go for a walk or jog around the block. This will speed up your body’s metabolic processes, helping to work the drugs through your system. Psilocybin is cleared from the body through glucuronidation, a process of metabolising drugs. Glucuronidation is supported by such foods and nutrients as curcumin, resveratrol, grape seed extract, milk thistle, hawthorn, omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, apples, and kale. Consuming these may help speed up your body’s ability to metabolise psilocybin.

A safe and natural option would be to take the Trip Stopper 3000. These packs contain white pills with maltodextrin, to reduce the effects of a bad trip, and dark pills with valerian, to help ease you into a smooth comedown. Consider stocking up ahead of your trip, just to be safe!

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Bad trips can be deeply unpleasant, but remember: no one’s ever died from shrooms, and you won’t be the first. All this will be over by tomorrow.


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