Smoking Magic Mushrooms
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Should You Consider Smoking Magic Mushrooms?

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Pushing boundaries can often lead to new experiences. Given that the tried and tested method of taking shrooms can lead to incredible trips, should we try and break the mold? Exploring the possibility of smoking shrooms provides an alternative approach, but is it an approach that should be endorsed?

To many, the concept of smoking magic mushrooms may seem absurd. After all, as the saying goes, “If it ain't broke don't fix it.” This is often the case with magic mushrooms as the tried and true method of ingestion maximises uptake. Knowing that consumption by mouth leads to the best and most efficient trip, there is less curiosity to experiment with other methods of intake.

Consumption of shrooms also helps to ensure that a trip is not skewed or altered by the effects of other substances. When smoking mushrooms, however, the mixture can incorporate tobacco, weed and even rolling paper into the mix. All of these additional substances carry their own side effects, sometimes instigating the difference between a good and bad trip.

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Should You Smoke Magic Mushrooms?


First thing’s first, can you actually smoke magic mushrooms? The simple answer to that question is yes. There is a caveat, however. Magic mushrooms are a form of fungi that contain psilocybin. It is the psilocybin that provides the mushroom with its psychoactive properties: distortion of time, enhancement of colours and sounds, as well as intense feelings of euphoria are just some of the outcomes of taking magic mushrooms.

If we know that consuming mushrooms either raw or dried provides the high we are looking for, then what is the point of smoking them? The problem faced by those who smoke magic mushrooms is that psilocybin has a very low combustion point of 180°C.

Considering joints and cigarettes burn somewhere between 500-900°C, the high normally emitted by consuming mushrooms will be destroyed in the process of smoking. Despite this though, there are claims from some users that smoking mushrooms in addition to consuming them helps improve the overall effectiveness of the trip.

How To Smoke Shrooms


Now that we have piqued your interest, what is actually involved in the process of smoking magic mushrooms? Without trying to state the obvious, it is generally accepted that you smoke magic mushrooms with another substance. Let us be honest, you would probably look a little strange if you were trying to light a giant mushroom...even if it resulted in the best trip of your life.

Typically ground up and mixed with tobacco, most people smoke mushrooms in the same way they would a standard cigarette. You may even consider grinding up shrooms to mix with cannabis for a more joint-like experience. Some users choose to smoke magic mushrooms while simultaneously ingesting them. All of this is based on personal preference and anecdotal experience as there is currently no scientific evidence backing up this practice.

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Positive Effects Of Smoking Shrooms


Despite the lack of research on the subject, smoking mushrooms as opposed to consuming them can potentially induce many effects. Most of these outcomes centre around feelings of euphoria and profundity. Essentially, smoking shrooms provides a more tempered version of the trip experienced when ingesting mushrooms. Riding these waves of emotion during a good trip can cause you to feel the following:

  • Increased creativity
  • Uplifting sensations
  • Enhancement of mood – intense feelings of happiness
  • Feelings of wonder and awe – appreciation for nature, sights, and sounds

Dangers Of Smoking Shrooms

The danger of smoking mushrooms lies in the act of smoking itself, rather than the shrooms. The primary issue here is that the spores from the mushrooms can get stuck in your throat and lungs as a result of inhalation. Additionally, mixing shrooms with tobacco and other substances comes with additional dangers. Inflammation of the chest and throat and choking are all probable risks to consider when deciding whether or not to smoke mushrooms.

Side Effects Of Smoking Shrooms


Regardless if you decide to smoke mushrooms or ingest them, the side effects of the psilocybin are the same. Once it enters your body, adverse side effects can take numerous forms. Factors that influence these “bad trip” outcomes include experience with taking shrooms, current mood and the amount consumed.

Taking a cautious approach is always recommended. If smoking mushrooms is going to be your first experience, start small and build your way up. This could mean starting off with one joint to see how you feel and working up from there. Smoking mushrooms combined with weed brings its own risks, so again, it is all about your current knowledge and experience level.

Some of the negative side effects of shrooms include:

  • Paranoia
  • Vomiting
  • Fear
  • Confusion
  • Lapses in memory

The Effects Of Smoking Vs Eating Shrooms


While the debate continues to rage on, the present reality of smoking mushrooms is pretty telling. There is honestly very little medical or scientific evidence to support smoking over eating shrooms. We know that the active agent that causes psychosis, psilocybin, is incinerated during the smoking process, removing its potential of inducing a psychoactive trip. With the information that we have, consuming shrooms by mouth still remains the best and most efficient way of tripping. This method is likely to continue its reign, at least until any quantifiable data is released on the benefits of combusting magic mushrooms.

There are greater risks presented by smoking mushrooms. Given the lack of trip that it provides, users may be more tempted to mix substances. Regardless of whether it is shrooms and alcohol, or shrooms and cannabis, mixing these types of substances can provide anything from good feelings to an incredibly bad trip experience. Given this risk, it is recommended that smoking is avoided until further notice. The nail in the coffin is that mushrooms, when smoked on their own, provide no attributable benefits.

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