Why Cannabis Should Be Legal
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Our Top 10 Reasons Why Cannabis Should Be Legal

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We all know pot should be legal, and here are our top 10 reasons why.

If you are lucky, then you may be fortunate enough to live somewhere cannabis has been legalized. If not, do not fear, change could be on the horizon. Global public opinion on the nature of marijuana is slowly, but surely, changing. Thanks to a constant stream of research, we are discovering that not only is cannabis much less harmful than many fear, but that it can also be a great asset to humankind.

With this in mind, here are our top 10 reasons to why marijuana should be legal.

10. Prohibition Doesn’t Work

No matter what the world’s governments try, nothing has stopped the illegal production and sale of cannabis. Although it has been outlawed for nearly 75 years, the use of cannabis has steadily continued to rise.

9. Prohibition Costs Billions to Maintain

It is thought that the US alone spends $42 billion each year enforcing cannabis prohibition. Just imagine how this money could be better spent.

8. It’s Not A Gateway Drug

Certain studies would suggest that cannabis is a gateway to harder drugs, but as an article form Scientific America points out, these studies establish correlation, not causation. Those who go onto use harder drugs also use tobacco and drink alcohol, and as research shows, alcohol has a much greater risk of being a gateway than cannabis. When you combine this with the fact that the great majority of people drink alcohol on a regular basis, and that most people will admit to having tried pot before, yet do not go onto harder substances, you should get an idea of how untrue the notion of cannabis as a gateway drug really is.

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7. Regulated Marijuana Stops Money Flowing Into The Hands Of Organized Crime

Where would you rather the billons of euros spent on weed go into economy and taxes, where they will be reinvested into your community, or the hands of international gangs, who will use it to fuel violence and suffering? When cannabis is regulated, it ensures that people buy from safe sources, creates jobs, and makes sure that the money isn’t falling into the wrong hands. We know we would rather have the money raised from cannabis sales go back into our schools, hospitals and public services, rather than some shady criminal black hole.

6. Legalisation Makes Cannabis LESS Accessible To Children

Contrary to popular belief, legalisation makes cannabis harder to obtain for underage users. This is because instead of any old person with a €20 note being able to buy some weed, once it is regulated, you need ID. For example, look at Colorado where cannabis has been legalised for recreational use by adults on a state level. Since its legalisation, use by high school students has dropped.

5. Cannabis Has A Very Low Risk Of Abuse

No matter how anti-cannabis campaigners try to paint it, cannabis addiction is extremely rare. Current trends suggest that 1 in 11 will become addicted, however, Dr Drew Pinksy, an addiction medicine specialist stated that cannabis addictions was “very uncommon” and that the 1 in 11 figure has been largely inflated and blown out of proportion; and even if it was true, this is still less addictive that alcohol and tobacco.

Even research initiated by the US congress found addiction to be rare, also stating that when it did happen it was less severe than alcohol or nicotine addiction.

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4. It Is Safer Than Alcohol

Pretty self-explanatory really, not only does weed not turn you into an obnoxious, rowdy, and potentially violent drunk, it also much safer for the body – yet many people who would turn their noses up at this “illegal” drug will happily plying themselves with booze.

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3. No-one Ever Died Of A Cannabis Overdose

In the entirety of recorded human history there has not been one recorded death directly resulting from the use of cannabis. Can the same thing be said for such toxins as alcohol? No, they cannot. The World Health Organization estimates that alcohol consumption is responsible for 3.3 million deaths worldwide each year. Yet this is somehow legal?

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2. Cannabis Is An Effective Medicine

You want to know how effective it is? Well, Pharmaceutical companies have been shown to be the main driving monetary force behind the fight to keep cannabis illegal. Why? Because they are scared. Scared that once it is legal, people will use it as an alternative to their many pills. Furthermore, it is a plant, so no one can patent it.

Conditions which are thought to benefit from marijuana include MS, chronic pain, HIV, cancer, epilepsy, eating disorders, stress, anxiety, and many more.

Please Note: We put a huge emphasis on the word “thought”. We cannot, and do not, give out medical advice. Please do your own research into the scientific findings and potential medical applications of cannabis – there are plenty out there.

1. Freedom of thought

The war on drugs is a war on the freedom of thought - as adults it is our fundamental right to choose freely which substances we introduce into our bodies. Yes, some substances have negative effects - but that does not justify criminalization. If anything, it calls for honest education about drugs and their effects on body and mind. Health aspects are no solid reasons to justify prohibition, many perfectly legal activities are dangerous and should be banned following the same reasoning. Particularly in the case of cannabis, with a wide range of proven medicinal uses and only marginal risks, prohibition is a fundamental attack on our basic freedom.

Luke Sumpter
Luke Sumpter
With a BSc (Hons) degree in Clinical Health Sciences and a passion for growing plants, Luke Sumpter has worked as a professional journalist and writer at the intersection of cannabis and science for the past 7 years.
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