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New Zamnesia Strain: Girl Scout Cookies

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Girl Scout Cookies is a hybrid strain that originated in California in 2009 and has since spread worldwide. Why is it so popular? Not only does it combine the best of sativa and indica traits, it is high in THC and unbelievably tasty.

“Born” in 2009, this strain is taking Europe by storm. Girl Scout Cookies is the end product of serious California dreaming, if not breeding. This high-end, potent, and delicious bud brings together the best of indica and sativa genetics with whopping THC levels. Even the Cookie Monster would sit up and take notice!


Girl Scout Cookies - The Perfect Grown Up Girl Scout

The real Girl Scouts consistently rank as one of the world’s most popular recreative communities for young girls. Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) is well on its way to becoming one of the most eponymous new strains for the age of cannabis globalisation. Yes, of course, there has been controversy over the name. Indeed, this strain is absolutely not for children. Newbies might consider going slow on their first foray.

This unbelievably popular strain originated on the American West Coast. It has since gone on to win 1st place hybrid at the High Times Cannabis Cup. Depending on who you talk to, you will get conflicting stories on the source of GSC. Some say it is the cross between strong sativa influences like Durban Poison, and a hybrid OG Kush. Others assert that there is a Florida-based influence. Most agree it came from San Francisco and was originally the brainchild of a local musician.

Regardless of the origins, one thing is no mystery. GSC creates a mellow high that is both inspiring and melts body aches away.

The aroma and taste comprise a big part of this powerhouse strain’s appeal, too. The buds give off a biscuity, toasty smell when burnt. Even when just broken open, flowers exude a citrusy musk. Upon inhaling, expect sweet, herbal flavours.

When people encounter this strain for the first time, there are only three reactions. They adore the unique bouquet, they love the high, and they want more.


Girl Scout Cookies - Genetics And Growing Traits

Growing GSC is a delight. The plant is very colourful; leaves are bright green and some plants even have streaks of purple in them. Flowers have orange pistils, and the buds themselves are covered in white trichomes. They are so sticky that they are often difficult to break up by hand.

Buds tend to be satisfyingly chunky and densely packed. They also look unbelievably different from other strains. GSC flowers are a much darker green than most, with purple hues. Buds are covered in what looks like an ice-crusting of resin.

Growing is not difficult per se, but it does take practice. For starters, this is not the fastest plant. Patience, however, is greatly rewarded. Learning to grow this strain does take a little time to master, particularly indoors. GSC can be a low-yielder if the plant is not properly trained.

ScrOG growing infrastructure is highly recommended for indoor grows. GSC requires a warm and humid environment if grown outside. Plan for an October harvest. That said, GSC is a hardy hybrid. It is resistant to adverse drops in temperature.

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Lab-tested GSC tends to produce varying cannabinoid and terpene profiles. The strain is a hybrid with a 60% indica, 40% sativa mix. THC content ranges from 18-28%. CBG is also found in abundance in this plant as well as CBN. CBD levels are low. The flavour profile is the result of terpenes including caryophyllene, limonene, humulene, linalool and pinene.

This plant is also known for its variations. Phenotypes can create batches of bud that are actually slightly minty with overtones of chocolate.

GSC’s physical attributes borrow from its indica origins. The plants are short and bushy, while flowers are thick and compact. As such, they may need external support from stakes in the last couple weeks of growth. Plants typically flower within 9-10 weeks. Expect about 450-525g/m² of high-quality bud when grown indoors.

Buds also need to be properly cured – this means a drying period of about a week in a humid environment. For best results, seal the bud in a properly warm container to maintain the flavour and impact. Commercial shops in the U.S. often sell this strain in special sealed packets and containers. When cultivating at home, proper storage is especially important.


Effects Of Girl Scout Cookies

This is one powerful strain. THC levels are a satisfyingly “high” average of 23%. Sometimes described as a cannabis Jekyll and Hyde, it is easy to understand why after just one experience. You get the cerebral high of a sativa and the body-numbing stone of a strong indica.

Durban Poison, one of GSC’s parents, is a landrace sativa that provides a happy (if spacey) buzz. Creative types love this strain for its focus-inducing state. But the reason GSC is so special is that it is a proven pain reliever, too. The giggles are also a common side effect.

Users report that they can be more talkative upon toking this strain. Some report getting distracted easily. Athletes, web developers and artists claim this is the perfect strain to keep them “in the zone.”

On the slightly negative side? GSC is known for causing the munchies. It can also cause dry mouth. Some users also report dry eyes. Newbie cannabis tokers may experience mild paranoia. Due to its high terpene and THC levels, this strain is already finding its way into full plant extracts and oils.


Popular With Medical And Recreational Users

Girl Scout Cookies is an intoxicating strain that hits like a freight train. Users report euphoria, enhanced senses of hearing, taste, and touch. Time tends to slow down. There are some who also report psychedelic effects. While this is not a couch-lock strain, don’t plan to engage in highly complex manual tasks involving fine motor skills. Driving is not a good idea.

Its mood elevating qualities, as well as its body impact, make this a favourite for both the connoisseur and medical patient alike. Girl Scout Cookies is excellent for patients suffering from depression, anxiety, and chronic pain.

And while this strain is absolutely powerful enough to delight and satisfy veterans, it is also a great strain for beginners. Just go slow. The balanced high often lasts longer than with other strains.

Luke Sumpter
Luke Sumpter
With a BSc (Hons) degree in Clinical Health Sciences and a passion for growing plants, Luke Sumpter has worked as a professional journalist and writer at the intersection of cannabis and science for the past 7 years.
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