Kratom: The Best Times To Take It
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Kratom: The Best Times To Take It

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Find out how to balance food intake and kratom use to the best effect, how to possibly regulate your appetite with kratom and much more...

Why did my latest kratom experience just not feel right? Were the effects as pronounced as last time? How come I didn't feel anything different than normal? It seems like these kind of question get discussed plenty around forums on the internet. The simple answer is - you might have eaten too much food to your kratom! These two don't go well together. Let's see why that is.

Kratom and food

Like with the intake of magic mushrooms the effects will be that much stronger if you take kratom on an empty stomach. Kratom attaches to receptors in your stomach, so if it is filled with food the kratom can't dock to the receptors as easily as if your stomach was empty. Even eating while you are still on kratom is no good idea because the effects will lower and wear off more quickly.

How to use kratom to maximum effect

You should start in the morning because that's when your stomach is empty. For beginners it is suggested to at least eat a light breakfast or small meal before you do kratom since your body isn't used to it for now. After you have taken the kratom, let the effects evolve and maximize for 2-3 hours, then you can eat your first meal of the day. In doing so, you will feel the effects faster and avoid vomitting. Otherwise it should not be disguised that some report a boost of effects when they eat a meal after an hour. There seems to be a difference in the kind of intake aswell, wether you chew the plant material or drink a kratom tea. But remember: when you take kratom right before or after you had some food, chances are that there will be no real effects noticeable! That would be a definite waste of kratom, thus wait until your stomach is empty.

Counteract tolerance build-up

Some people love kratom so much, they want to do it more than once a day. But the body builds up a tolerance to kratom quite fast, so you should always keep that tolerance as low as possible. That can be achieved by taking kratom again the same day after waiting 3-4 hours following your first meal. Moreover should you take a slightly higher dosage than the first time on that day (0.5 g more is recommended). Please note that some people don't have to increase the dose to feel the same effects as earlier. To further counteract the tolerance build-up use different strains of kratom on each day of the week. This way you change things up. The same strain should not be used again till 3 days later. If all these tips don't work, just quit for a week or two - the tolerance disappears just as quickly as it builds up.

Kratom as an appetite regulator

With all the things said above some folks report that they use the plant to regulate their appetite in both directions. When you take kratom before your first meal of the day, it will suppress your appetite. This is ideal for people who want to lose weight or have a never ending hunger for food. On the other hand, when you take it after your meal it can boost your appetite which is good for people who suffer from a reduced hunger.

Health comes first

Your kratom use should not reach the point where you skip meals in favour for kratom. Although your stomach should be empty for best results, a healthy and equilibrated diet is key to a great kratom experience (actually, this is true for all drugs and substances). This is even more important when you take kratom a lot throughout the week. The best times to take kratom may vary depending on some individual parameters. In the end it is all about finding the right balance!

Luke Sumpter
Luke Sumpter
With a BSc (Hons) degree in Clinical Health Sciences and a passion for growing plants, Luke Sumpter has worked as a professional journalist and writer at the intersection of cannabis and science for the past 7 years.
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