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How To Smoke Weed In Public Without Anyone Noticing?

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Normally, smoking weed in public is not the smartest thing to do, but sometimes there is no private place to easily escape to and toke away for some undisturbed blazing. If you smoke weed in public, you obviously don’t want to draw in too much attention. Here are some tips on how to smoke weed in public without anyone noticing.

Not everyone shares your passion for weed and they may even view weed smoking much differently than you do. Some folks still have all sorts of preconceptions against cannabis and see smoking it as a terrible endeavor. Others might think that hanging out with your pals and enjoying a good smoke means you are a bad influence on their children. Others still simply dislike the smell.

Unless you happen to light up somewhere on a nice beach in Jamaica among a bunch of like-minded Rastafarians, smoking in public is normally a bit risky. Especially if secrecy is key, logistics can get tricky, fast. Whether it’s the cops busting tokers in the park or those unpleasant “anti-weed” folks, the goal is not to get caught green-handed. The good thing is that there are some tricks to smoking publicly that can reduce your risk of being noticed.

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Vape Pen

Of course you could always go with edibles as a solution to public use, but they are not everyone’s cup of tea - some folks simply like to puff. A vape pen is always handy and is particularly effective if you are out and about and want to maintain discretion. Vape pens are more discreet because hash oil vapor has a far less intensive smell compared to smoke.

The exception to this is when you blow a huge dab using a mechanism like a dab rig. In general, vapor also dissipates at a quicker rate than smoke and smells less like traditional cannabis. Nowadays, it seems that pretty much everyone vapes anyway, which means that you won’t stand out like a sore thumb when you do.


Smoke weed in the crowd

Unless you were to smoke some really super-dank stuff, one of the best ways to conceal your weed smoking is indulge among a group of cigarette smokers. Cigarette smoke is normally quite strong and does a good job hiding the smell of your weed. If you’re out somewhere, look around for bars or restaurants where people usually congregate outside. Even if the crowd isn’t that big, smoking in a location like this is ultimately less conspicuous.

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Smoking in car

Smoking weed in your car is a bad idea for a number of reasons. First, it is the most likely place for overzealous cops to seek out if they’re roaming around, looking to bust some folks for cannabis. Know that most weed smokers are indeed caught in their cars!

Secondly, the resulting weed smell from a car hotbox has the tendency to stick around in the fabric of the ceiling and seats and is hard to get rid of entirely. If you smoke regularly in your vehicle, it may be enough to trigger a cop with a fine nose to ride your tail.


Clear the air

Most of the time it’s really not the smoking itself that draws in someone’s unwanted attention. There is no denying that weed does have a very distinct smell and it’s often this quality that gives it away before anything else. Add the fact that the smell usually lingers around after finishing the blunt and this sure won’t help you stay stealthy.

If you’re smoking in an enclosed area, a ventilator fan can do wonders. Not only will it remove the “offending” smell at a moment’s notice, but it can also filter the air itself if it comes with a carbon filter.

Of course, there are additional methods to clear the air of that dank weed smell. One commercial product that’s quite popular is Ona Gel. Realistically, these types of smell-removal remedies are normally less effective than a powerful vent with filters.

If you happen to find yourself in an emergency where you really don’t have anything else on hand, simply use store air fresheners as a pungent last result - just don’t expect too much from them. Also, know that if you’re using air fresheners excessively, this by itself can be suspicious enough for someone to investigate the smell. While they can be useful, just make sure not to overdo it with artificial scents.


Smoke out of sight from others

Because of reasons we already discussed (people who’d like nothing more than to rat out smokers/cops looking for action on a weekend where nothing else happens), it can be a smart decision to choose a quiet, secluded spot for your toking session. If no one can see you and no one can smell you, this is obviously the best way to keep your love for weed hidden. Just don’t make the mistake of letting your supposed “privacy” make you careless. You should still be on the lookout, as you never know who might unexpectedly come around the corner.



No one would suspect too much if you have a cup in your hands as opposed to a joint or a blunt - the last time we checked, Starbucks was still entirely legal! For this method to work, you must first acquire a cup and a straw. Slide your blunt into the bottom of the straw, then replace it into the cup and put a lid on it. You can now “sip” the ganja through the straw. While this method won’t hide the smell, it’s still a nice trick if you want to be stealthy when enjoying your herb in a public setting.


Clean Smoker

In the same way that weed smoke may linger around in carpeting, furniture, or your car, it’s even worse when it remains on your clothes and hair! Some folks, and this may include cops, parents or your employer, can sniff out right away if you smoke weed. If you want to be extra careful and minimize the risk of being exposed, you should always change your clothes, take a shower and wash your hair before meeting up for important engagements.

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