How To Eliminate Weed Smell From Your Car
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How To Eliminate Weed Smell From Your Car

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If your car smells like weed, and you wish to eliminate these odours, here are some tips and tricks to make your car smell fresh and weed-free.

Disclaimer: Driving while baked on cannabis can lead to serious accidents, avoid it at all cost. If your car is smelling like weed, we sincerely hope it's because you were hotboxing in a safely parked car. That being said, let's begin with the introduction.

If you walk down a sidewalk and take a whiff of some high-class second-hand Skunk-odours, look to your side, the chances are one of the parked cars contains some cannabis enthusiasts. Smoking weed in the car is considered an ancient practice, originating during the introduction of first cars on the mainstream market. If you're planning to backpack with your beloved hippie friends, expect joints and bongs being passed around inside the van. Here we provide 7 tips on how to eliminate the weed smell from the car, or van. Let’s begin.

Tip 1: Air-Fresheners, Perfume, And Tikka Masala


A great way to mask the cannabis smell is to spray some perfume or deodorant around the car. You can also use some nice air-fresheners that cover the odours. They can smell like anything, just make sure that a solid amount is sprayed around, if a solid amount of weed has been smoked in the car.

Alternatively, you could simply eat some very aromatic foods, think Indian cuisine, Tikka Masala, Chicken Korma, Curry, you get the gist. Mixing all these cover up smells can result in a terrible car smell, repelling any potential passengers. So, cover up the weed smell with class.

Tip 2: Home Remedies To Soak Up The Smells

If you’re in desperate need of eliminating the cannabis stank from your car, and can't get hold of an odour neutralizer, you could resort to the old-fashioned home remedies. This is the most natural method of removing unwanted odours, our primitive ancestors used home remedies to eradicate their hotboxing adventures in their caves, true story. You can rub baking soda almost everywhere in your car, seats, floor, sealing, trunk (if weed smoking action took place there), and vacuum it the next day. Chemicals that generate the cannabis odour attach to the baking soda, which can then be removed.

Coffee also works; sprinkle some ground coffee in the car, let it sit for a day before vacuum-cleaning it. Make sure that the coffee isn't super pulverized because it will slow down the cleaning process. The car won’t smell like weed anymore, instead, it will smell like delightful coffee.

Tip 3: Odour Neutralizers

If the previous tip doesn’t cover your in-car cannabis activities, you’ll need to resort to a more effective odour neutralizing method. There are special air neutralizers on the market that bind directly to the smelly molecules in the air, effectively eliminating the stank. One of these products is definitely recommended if heaps of weed is being consumed in your ride.

Tip 4: Pet Odour Removers


Our beloved four-legged friends generate some unwanted odours. Companies produce special pet odour removers to eliminate the intense stank, and boost your pet’s confidence. These odour removers also work wonders to suck out any cannabis smells. Pet odour removers come in powder format, which you can sprinkle all over your car, and vacuum it a day later. Just make sure to clean thoroughly, as the pet odour powders may contain some toxic compounds.

Tip 5: Ozone Generator

You should not be in the car when the ozone generator is turned on, it can cause shortness of breath and other undesirable consequences. That being said, if you’re a high-tech cannabis aficionado, an ozone generator is perhaps something to consider for removing that blunt smoke. You can purchase a relatively small ozone generator which is quite cheap.

Once it's plugged into a power supply, it releases ozone, which disintegrates the odour molecules. No wonder you can’t smell anything in space, the ozone layer takes care of eliminating earthly smells. Let the ozone generator run for 1–12h, depending on how many bong rips have been ripped in your car.

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Tip 6: Upholstery Cleaning Devices

You can also use special upholstery cleaning devices to literally suck out the smell from your car's fabric. The odour-molecules exhaled in the car drench into the fabric of the car. Remember to clean everywhere, the ceilings also absorb the smell. If this method is combined with baking soda, or coffee, it could increase the odour elimination.

Cars with leather seats won’t absorb the same amount of weed smell, so if you’re serious about hotboxing in your car, you can purchase special leather seats. You can also ask your car dealer which cars absorb the least amount of cannabis smoke, car dealers are very helpful and will surely recommend the best-suited mobile. Just kidding.

Tip 7: Vape That Weed!


Vaporizers are much better for your health than inhaling combusted smoke from joints. Additionally, vaporizers don't leave any traces of cannabis odours in the car. When smoking regularly in the car, this is definitely the way to go—there are all kinds of vaporizers on the market. Check out this list of our Top 10 portable vaporizers and get your favourite in time for your next hotboxing session.

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Conclusion: A Sober Car

To achieve the state when you can say with confidence that your car is sober, it’s good to use the aforementioned techniques to eliminate the marijuana stank. The ultimate way of avoiding a weed-smelling car is simply not to smoke in the car, or at least exhale at the rolled down windows. If you just have to get high in the car, the most efficient way of preventing unwanted odours is simply by purchasing a vaporizer. If that’s not an option, get an odour neutralizing spray. If neither the vaporizer or the odour neutralizing spray are an option, go with the other aforementioned methods. Also, consider that weed itself smells quite a bit, so keep that in mind. Enjoy your ride, and keep it fresh.


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