Cannabis Strains That Don't Give You The Munchies?
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Cannabis Strains That Don't Give You The Munchies?

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Always looking for new ways to innovate, the burgeoning cannabis industry is looking to create a munchies-free strain of cannabis.

The cannabis market, especially in places where cannabis is now legal, is a booming industry that is sure to make anyone who jumps on board a lot of money. Now, imagine combining this with the billion dollar dieting industry. Well that is what one entrepreneur hopes to do.

According to work by GW Pharmaceuticals, the cannabinoid THCV appears to supress appetite, and although this cannabinoid has been bred out of many strains, there are still a few with it remaining. It is the hope of Bethenny Frankel, founder and mastermind of the low-calorie alcoholic drinks brand ‘Skinnygirl’, to harness this and release her own strain of munchies destroying, appetite supressing cannabis in areas where cannabis is now legal.

We certainly have to applaud her for her entrepreneurial sprint, and her ability to pounce on a perceived gap in the market, but is this something that is really achievable? Sure THCV on its own may be able to supress appetite, but this is when it is isolated. Cannabis is an extremely complex plant, and the hundreds of compounds it contains all interact with each other in different ways. Whilst THCV may supress appetite, when combined with good ‘ol THC it could have completely different effects!

Either way, it seems like appetite supressing cannabis is a niche in the industry that is about to take off, whether it works or not. So keep your eye out, and a pinch of salt ready!

If you are interested doing a bit of ‘research’ into the matter yourself, than look for strains with a high THCV content. Strains of cannabis that are known to at least have a significant THCV content are Blue Dream, Durban Poison, XJ-13, and Doug’s Varin. Whether they have enough before being selectively bred to have a more potent content is unknown to us, but it could be a good place to start!


Written by: Zamnesia
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