A Look At Varying Cannabis Drug Policy Across The Globe
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A Look At Varying Cannabis Drug Policy Across The Globe

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Check out this infographic for a clear and concise explanation of how cannabis drug policy varies across the globe, and exactly what is and isnt allowed.

Cannabis laws are changing rapidly across the globe. This is exciting news, but can be quite confusing when making traveling plans or looking for a place to enjoy cannabis and all its bliss. This is especially the case where cannabis has been decriminalised or is tolerated. Knowing the distinctions is very important.


A great example of this is Holland. People assume that cannabis is legal here in the Netherlands, as we have coffee shops where you can go to smoke weed. However, this is simply a policy of tolerance, with cannabis remaining illegal. Although those caught with what is deemed a personal amount are unlikely to face criminal charges, cannabis has not been legalised for use.

Another example is the Czech Republic, which has decriminalized weed and passed new medical marijuana laws in 2013. Czech citizens may now legally grow up to five plants without fear of criminal prosecution, but cannot grow to sell. Czech's drug policy has been going through many changes in the past few years, with there still talk of full legalization for the future. It makes the situation for users currently quite confusing!

There is also Portugal, which has fully decriminalised all drugs. This means being caught with a personal amount of drugs never results in criminal punishment, but instead is dealt with as a health matter. Addicts hooked on hard drugs are put into rehabilitation, and money is spent on prevention and education rather than incarceration. It doesn’t make Portugal a drugs haven, and drugs cannot be legally bought or grown.

It all makes the situation in Europe hard to get your head around, and you have to take special care when venturing out. Canada is on the cusp of cannabis legalisation, so the nation is paying particular attention to how things are playing out here in Europe, and how each differing policy affects drug use.

Gearing up for this potential change, OMQ Law has made a very clear and handy infographic explaining the differences between a few countries, and how they have affected each. It is a great way to learn exactly what is going on in different places, and how we can benefit from a change in drug policy.

Marijuana Lessons for Canada: USA vs Portugal vs Netherlands



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