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920: International Magic Mushroom Day

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920 is the "420" of magic mushrooms: a day to celebrate the magic and science of psychedelic mushrooms. Learn more, and tune-in to this psychedelic holiday. Here's everything you need to know.

When you see the number 420, what do you think of? Weed. What about 920? Psychedelic advocates hope your mind goes straight to magic mushrooms. That's right; just like cannabis, magic mushrooms have their own global holiday. Dubbed "920", it's celebrated on (you guessed it) September 20th.

Haven't heard of it? This annual psilocybin celebration only started a few years ago, but awareness has been growing. And, according to the holiday's creators, that's kind of the point. Read on to learn more about international Magic Mushroom Day, and find out how you can celebrate 920.

The story of 920 

The Story Of 920

920 is an "educational day of action" created by Nicholas Reville, who founded the 920 Coalition in 2015. The 920 Coalition seeks to build community and foster dialogue around the benefits of psilocybin. Encouraged by the success of cannabis activists, their goal is ultimately to influence policy. Drug laws should be based on evidence, not stereotypes and disinformation.

International Magic Mushroom Day is inspired by 420, cannabis culture's universal holiday. When the clock hits 4:20, you think of weed whether you want to or not. Reville knew magic mushrooms needed their own cultural juggernaut—one that would catch widespread attention. And so, on September 20th, 2015, a movement was born.

How to celebrate 9/20

How To Celebrate 9/20

While 920 might seem like a "mushroom flavoured" version of 420, the iconic weed holiday serves more as inspiration than an exact template. After all, taking magic mushrooms is a vastly different experience than getting baked. Lots of people smoke weed every day. It's an inherently casual act.

On the other hand, mushrooms are an experience. Some people have only taken mushrooms once, but are still affected in profound and spiritual ways. Even experienced psychonauts don't trip every single day—or week for that matter.

So, while most people celebrate 420 by getting righteously stoned, 920 celebrations take many different forms. Tripping on psilocybin is, of course, a fantastic option. But, there are plenty of non-psychoactive ways to mark the occasion and help spread awareness.

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Here are a few suggestions for how to celebrate International Magic Mushroom Day. Organise your own event or find something happening near you:


There are a ton of good psychedelic documentaries out there. Screening a few of them could be the perfect educational and entertaining way to celebrate 920. A couple of our favourite docs include Little Saints, an exploration of magic mushrooms as a path to healing, and The Mycology of Psilocybin Mushrooms, by famed mycologist Paul Stamets.


A storytelling circle is a fantastic way to bond with your fellow travellers. Meet some new community members as you regale each other with stories of trips past. If you want to take this idea to the next level, you can turn it into a psychedelic integration circle. That's when an experienced facilitator helps people process unresolved experiences from past psychedelic journeys.


As any experienced tripper will tell you, mushrooms are best enjoyed out in nature. So, if you do decide to trip this 920, why not grab some friends and head straight to the source? Just make sure you have a trip-sitter, and that everyone is comfortable camping.

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Growing your own mushrooms is a safe, fun way to source them. Find a mushroom cultivation workshop near you, or team up with some local growers to host your own. This is also a transferable skill, as the same techniques apply to most non-psychedelic mushrooms.


920 started as a way to share knowledge and create dialogue around the benefits of psilocybin. Every year on September 20th, psychedelic societies and organisations around the globe host public talks. Find one in your area, or hook up with experts from a local university to host your own conversation on the latest psychedelic research.


If you've been curious about microdosing, 920 is a great opportunity to start your own regimen. Why not do it together with some friends? You can have regular meet-ups to discuss your experiences as you go along. If you're not sure where to start, our guide to microdosing (and our psychedelic microdosing pack) makes it easy.

Find the others

 Find The Others

International Magic Mushroom Day is all about building community. After all, the motto of the modern psychedelic movement is, "Find the others". Spend this 920 with your fellow psychonauts, whether they be close friends or new community members. Let's help spread the good word about magic mushrooms.


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