9 Cannabis World Records
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9 Cannabis World Records

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Cannabis world records include "The person who smoked the most joints", held by Irvin Rosenfeld with a baffling 115,000 spliffs, and "The world's biggest joint ever rolled", by Tony Greenhand. What else is out there? Let's find out 9 cannabis world records and the incredible people behind these achievements.

Welcome to the world of cannabis world records, where we explore stunning plant achievements, industry milestones, and stoner culture feats. From colossal cannabis plants to groundbreaking innovations, join us on a captivating journey through the highs and lows (but mostly highs) of this vibrant and diverse community.

Cannabis is setting records worldwide

Cannabis is setting records worldwide

While the Guinness Book of World Records remains renowned for showcasing extraordinary achievements, it has notably refrained from acknowledging cannabis-related records. Nevertheless, passionate cannabis enthusiasts and forward-thinking entrepreneurs worldwide have taken it upon themselves to establish their records within the cannabis community.

As we delve into this fascinating territory, prepare to be intrigued by a diverse range of records, including towering plant heights, the world’s strongest edible, and the longest joint (spoiler alert: it took 40 people to build). But that's not all! We'll also tantalise your curiosity with stories of ambitious attempts to create the "biggest hotbox" and the exciting question of which country may hold the title of being the world's biggest cannabis exporter.

Plant-based world records

Plant-based world records

Prepare to be astounded as we unveil three extraordinary records that showcase the vast potential of the cannabis plant. First, brace yourself for the sheer scale of the highest-yielding cannabis plant on record, a true giant that defies nature's norms. Then, we'll take you to towering heights with the tallest cannabis plant ever cultivated—a testament to grower ingenuity. Lastly, prepare to be awestruck by the world's most potent cannabis strain, with THC levels that will blow your mind.

The world’s biggest yield from one cannabis plant

The world's biggest yield from a single indoor cannabis plant is a remarkable achievement, weighing in at an impressive 1,300 grams of bud (that’s around 2.95 pounds for our imperial readers). What makes this feat even more astounding is that the plant in question was an autoflowering variety. The grower, who’s first name is Neil (owner of Perfect Sun LED), utilised a unique approach, starting with Royal Queen Seeds’ Auto Critical and using a combination of coco and perlite as the medium, and a drip irrigation system for watering. As an expert in LED lighting, it's no wonder Neil was the one to push bud production to such great heights.

Critical (Royal Queen Seeds) regular

Parents: Afghan S1 x Skunk S1
Genetics: 60% Indica / 40% Sativa
Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks
THC: 18%
CBD: Low
Flowering Type: Photoperiod

The world’s tallest cannabis plant

Speaking of height, on September 10, 2021, a botanical wonder was unveiled at the Hemp Traders farm in California—the world's tallest hemp plant, reaching well over 7 metres (a staggering 24 feet and 1 inch). This astounding feat was officially confirmed by the county department of agriculture, cementing its status as a world record. However, despite initial acknowledgement, the Guinness World Records ultimately declined to accept the submission, citing their policy regarding tobacco and cannabis-related records. Nevertheless, this towering hemp plant remains a testament to the incredible growth potential of this versatile crop and the ingenuity and dedication of those who cultivate it.

The world’s strongest hybrid strain

Meet Chiquita Banana, a cannabis hybrid that redefines the boundaries of potency with an astonishing 33% THC content. This powerhouse strain has emerged as a frontrunner in the relentless race to create the world's strongest cannabis. What sets Chiquita Banana apart is its astounding balance of effects, seamlessly blending mind-bending euphoria with soothing relaxation. Yet, in the ever-evolving world of cannabis cultivation, the quest for supremacy is far from over. Numerous contenders continue to vie for the title of the ultimate potency champion. But for now, Chiquita Banana reigns supreme.

Stoner-focused world records

Stoner-focused world records

Now we shift our focus from the awe-inspiring achievements of cannabis plants to the extraordinary feats of stoners and their cannabis creations. These records, set by dedicated enthusiasts and connoisseurs, take the cannabis experience to a whole new level—these are for the real stoner culture aficionados.

The world’s largest weed brownie

Back in 2020, the creative minds at MariMed in Massachusetts cooked up an audacious idea—crafting the world's largest weed brownie. Initially uncertain if they could pull off this monumental feat, they embarked on months of meticulous planning. The result? An astonishing 385kg (850 pounds) space cake/weed brownie—a mouth-watering masterpiece tipping the scales of chocolatey cannabis goodness. This confectionery giant made the previous record-holder's cake, weighing a mere 105kg (234 pounds), seem tiny in comparison. However, despite its grandeur, this creation was not recognised by the Guinness World Records due to its tobacco and cannabis policy.

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The world’s biggest hotbox session

The world's largest hotbox session, a cannabis aficionado's dream come true, unfolded in Barcelona during Spannabis 2016. For those uninitiated, a hotbox is an exhilarating experience where enthusiasts gather in an airtight space, typically a room or vehicle, and ignite a series of joints, rapidly saturating the atmosphere with a thick, euphoria-inducing cloud of smoke. In this epic gathering, a group of participants took it to the next level by vaporizing a staggering 800 grams of cannabis extracts, including wax and BHO, using pots and pans within the confines of a sealed social club room. The result? A room engulfed in smoke within seconds, as attendees inhaled the dense fog of cannabis, achieving a momentous world record.

The world’s longest joint

In 2017, at the Harvest Cup in Massachusetts, a group of local experts set out to roll a joint that stretched an incredible 30m (~100 feet) in length. This extraordinary venture required a massive 1kg (2.2 pounds) of cannabis to fill, solidifying its status as the world's longest joint. Keith Laham, the mastermind behind this colossal creation, revealed that months of rigorous training and dedication went into the endeavour. A team of 40 individuals worked tirelessly to construct this record-breaking joint using more than 200 square metres (over 2,195 square feet) of paper.

Cannabis industry world records

Cannabis industry world records

In this last section, we delve into cannabis records within the industry, shedding light on exceptional achievements in cultivation, exportation, and industry leadership. Explore colossal weed farms, investigate top exporters, and uncover the influential titans shaping the global cannabis market. These records illuminate the industry's phenomenal growth and transformation.

The world’s biggest weed farm

In the Great White North, where maple syrup flows and polite apologies abound, Canada boasts the world's biggest cannabis farm: Aurora Sky in Alberta. This colossal 74,000-square-metre (800,000-square-foot) greenhouse sprawls across 30 acres, making it a veritable "maple leaf" in the world of cannabis cultivation. To put it in perspective, it dwarfs California's Harborside Farms and even outshines Aurora's competitor, Canopy Growth's Tweed facility. Aurora Sky's ambitions are as vast as its expanse, with plans to churn out a whopping 8,000 kilograms of cannabis each month, a much-needed remedy for Canada's prevailing weed shortage.

The world’s biggest cannabis company

Speaking of Canada, Green Thumb Industries (GTI), in the heart of Edmonton, stands as the global giant of the cannabis industry. With a market capitalisation of $1.70 billion and an annual revenue of $1 billion, GTI is a pharmaceutical and recreational marijuana powerhouse operating across 15 US states. This industry leader employs a workforce of 2,300 individuals and boasts 13 manufacturing facilities and an impressive 77 licensed retail stores. GTI's influence reverberates far beyond Canada, making it a dominant force in the global cannabis industry.

The world’s biggest weed exporter

Surprisingly, the United Kingdom, known for its strict stance on recreational cannabis use, plays an unexpected role on the global stage as the world's largest exporter of the drug. In 2016, the UK produced a staggering 95 tonnes of marijuana for medicinal and scientific purposes, constituting nearly 45% of the global total, according to the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB). What's even more astonishing is that the UK also dominated in cannabis exports, shipping out 2.1 tonnes in 2016—approximately 70% of the world's total. This intriguing contrast underscores the nation's significant role in the cannabis industry, even as recreational marijuana remains illegal in the country.

Which record will the cannabis industry break next?

Which record will the cannabis industry break next?

These records reflect the remarkable diversity and growth of cannabis culture. What are your thoughts on these impressive achievements? Did any of them surprise you or spark your curiosity? We'd love to hear your thoughts on these cannabis world records and the ever-evolving landscape of this fascinating plant. Share your insights and join the conversation!

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