300 DMT Trips In One Picture
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300 Dmt Trips In One Picture

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Ever wondered what the common experiences of DMT trips are? One interested psychonaut decided to find out and created this visual representation in the form of a world cloud.

One Reddit user has taken over 300 DMT trip reports and fed them to a word cloud image generator. It has resulted in an image that displays the most commonly used words to describe the experience people have had, with the larger words representing those most prevalent within all of the reports.

One particularly interesting occurrence is the word „like“ - the most common denominator of all reports. Probably this word has occurred in the sense of comparison, as in „it was ... like ... this place with entities, they looked like ...“. Maybe this word fits so well just because the experience is so far out of anything we can describe - you can only compare it to things we already have a concept of.

300 DMT Trips

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