Extreme XL Supa Gro Kit 100% 'Mexican'


Psilocybe Cubensis Mexican ist eine der bekanntesten magischen Pilzsorten, die die Natur zu bieten hat. Diese Sorte ist in Südamerika zu Hause, wo lokale Stämme sie "Fleisch der Götter" nennen und sie für spirituelle Erlebnisse verwenden. Dieses mit 2100ml Myzel bestückte Zuchtset ist ein Ticket für bunte Trips und intensive, spirituelle Erlebnisse, Schub auf Schub.

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Extreme XL Supa Gro Kit 100% - Mexican: Wird nicht umsonst "Fleisch der Götter" genannt

Psilocybe cubensis Mexican ist eine der bekanntesten und hochgeschätzten Sorten von magischen Pilzen, die es gibt. Sie hat sich bereits einen Namen gemacht und das kommt nicht von ungefähr! Sie versagt nie und lässt so ihre Popularität sprunghaft ansteigen. Tritt in die Fußstapfen der indigenen Stämme Südamerikas und baue Dein eigenes "Fleisch der Götter" an, mit diesem zu 100% mit Myzel bevölkerten Substrat, im stressfreien Zuchtset. Unsere 2100ml Behälter machen den Anbau schnell und einfach, sie werden komplett vorbereitet zu Dir nach Hause geliefert. Sie zaubern ein Lächeln auf Dein Gesicht, Schub auf Schub auf Schub. Sieh Dir unsere online Bedienungsanleitung an, um mehr Informationen zu erhalten, Tipps und Tricks zu lernen und herauszufinden, wie Du das Beste aus Deinem Set herausholen kannst.

Anleitung Supa Gro


  • 2100ml Zuchtset
  • Zuchtbeutel

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Bewertungen (26)

    Excellent product
    My experience with Zamnesia/product I had no credit card to order the kit on Zamnesia site. so I see the option of sending the money in the post to them. So I went to the post office and sent them the money in a (tracked registered letter) from there I waited Anxiously for my order... A little over a week later it was sent perfectly with no problems to my door. I was extremely happy!!! The product itself is superb!! •very potent •intense visuals •euphoria!!! •hd vision to the world/colours You can’t go wrong!! I got over 28g dried on the first flush which only took two weeks and I’m now on second flush. I can’t wait to order again Thanks Zamnesia


    Another goodie!
    Having had great yields from both b+ and Golden Teacher kits from this site, I'm currently on the second flush of these beauties too. Highly recommended!


    Easy to grow, potent trip
    Very easy and straightforward to grow, first flush yielded 33g dried 2 weeks after delivery, second flush is looking like a bit more than that already in terms of quantity Took 2g dried, had an euphoric and hilarious trip, mild visuals (face shifting proportions in the mirror, double eye rows on other people's face, etc) and a sense of moving through cotton clouds Overall good trip and good kit for growing, would recommend to anyone starting out


    These are super powerful
    This was my first trip being out in nature also this was my first trip skipping my inner cosmic trips by keeping eyes open and listening to nature sounds and noises. Took about 8-10g. Trip started with laying down in the grass and looking up in the sky. I was relaxed and started to see random light appear, then blue sky turned in colour like water in Maldives (turquoise) and then some random spirals started to spin down from the sky pointing at me, it was amazing. After that I took a walk as it was around 11pm already. Went down the road being amazed about stars and spider webs up in the sky I noticed a Firefly on the ground. As soon as he illuminated I started to see underground word and I am not making it up, that was insane, seen like 1000 and 1000 of random creatures. Earth I walked was like a glass sheet, me standing top of it. Everytime I listened to certain white nature noise I could see under the soil again....Best trip of my life


    Zammnesia never dissopoint


    Hu la la!
    The kit is easy to maintain, and very convenient in the delivery. The experience is flawless,. In May case I ve learned a lot, and that is always awesome. The attention of the staff is incredíble, couldnt wish for a better one. The productión is good, with several flushes. Totally recomendable ;) Thanks a lot !!!

    Der Kunde hat das Produkt bewertet, aber keine Rezension verfasst


    On Second flush
    I am on the second flush now. There are not many growing at the same time so I have to pick some. and leave the rest to grow more before also picking those. The mushrooms appear to have a lot fo blue psilocybin in their veins which bodes well for the strength, but I am yet to consume any of these. It is a bit early to add a full review, but I am impressed with Zamnesia as a company, who are very professional and deliver items fast, and reward loyalty. Thank you.


    Bad KIT
    Got mold in my mushroom kit. harvested my first flush, when I was refilling box with cold tad water to begin next flush, saw a green mold on the bottom (inside) of the plastic kit. But the top looked fine, so I continued with my flushes. On the 2nd harvest, this green mold was showing a bit in the middle on top of the cake and yes, on 3rd flush harvest, 60% °of the top of the cake was covered in green mold. Also, I did use their warming mat. The quality has lowered so much. Results on this kit: 1. flush 130g wet 2. flush 110g wet 3. flush 40g wet


    YES! But ... I see more and more people eating mushrooms as if it was an opportunity to "laugh with friends" .... Why not ... But it's extremely reductive. I will not say what can potentiate the effects to avoid stupid uses and especially the unconsciousness. A serene practice, ritualized according to his personality opens different perspectives. I think it is important, out of all religious ideas, to respect the mushrooms themselves and their virtues by using them as consciously as possible. Of course, settle in a secure place and never take it alone if it's the first time or you're depressed. In the end, well used, doors open and can broaden the consciousness for a new look on oneself and on the world. it unlocks points of view and does not really care about psylocibine. it's more a shamanic tool. So really, do not do anything. as for the "Mexican" strain. They grow very easily and they have up to four or five flushes in my case. A heating mat is very important and a monitoring of temperature and humidity. In fact, it is very simple, fast and not very constraining ... It is a pity to spoil this "flesh of the Gods" as called the leaders of ancient tribes, for a simple exit without looking at each other but just to let go. Mind you, why not? This society is so strong that it is an anti-depressant, like another less harmful than the alcohol that destroys its cells. Be careful to refer to the dry dosage or nature of Zamnesia and go very gradually. As for the site Zamnesia, delivery top! fast and neat, after sales service impeccable and very nice in case of any worries and if need advice.

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Fragen (1)
STonus 2018-12-11 18:16:19

Bonjour , puis je avoir les dimensions svp ? Merci


The dimensions are 19x12x7 cm.

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    Die Pilz-Heizmatte von Zamnesia

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  • Video: Wie Repariert Man Den Supa Gro 100% Mushroom Gro Kit
    Wie Repariert Man Den Supa Gro 100% Mushroom Gro Kit

    Wir zeigen Dir wie man den Supa Gro 100% Magic Mushroom Kit richtig benutzt. Dieser geistesfreundliche Mutterkuchen der pures Myzel von Supa Gro 100% enthält, wird Dir mehrere Schübe von gesunden cubensis Pilzen einbringen. Mit bis zu sechs Schüben pro Kit und 600-900 Gramm pro Schub, ist dieses Kit unschlagbar. Es braucht nichts mehr als saubere Hände oder Handschuhe, ein gelegentlicher Spritzer Wasser und ein gemütlicher Platz zum Wachsen. Dieser fröhliche Pilz ist ein Kinderspiel.

Extreme XL Supa Gro Kit 100% 'Mexican'
Extreme XL Supa Gro Kit 100% 'Mexican'
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