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Supa Gro Kit 100% 'brazil'

 4.5/5 (78)

    zamnesia team are the best!!
    Everything just went fine with my order, fast shipping bla bla bla.. so in the day 3 i was openning the bag to mist some water, and out of nowhere a mosquito came, he was sitting in the mycelium, keep in mind that i was already having pin heads, fucked up my all kit, contamination all over the cake... i just told this to them and said that the mosquito passed by the supo gro holes... they offered me one super quick, right now i m waiting for the box to come, hope everything goes well, this time i m going to put a mosquito net on the holes eheh going to do the 2 review if everething goes well in 2 weeks


    Super Happy!! :)
    Finally I got a grow, that looks just like on the pictures! They began to grow with in a week and first flush gave me 26,8 g dry shrooms! The shrooms weren't that tall but there was so many of them that there weren't space for more. I wish I could show you guys the pictures! :) The second flush didn't deliver as many but they grow even bigger the second time so I got about 20 g of dry shrooms from the second flush. I just harvest the third time and now they are drying so I don't know the dry weight yet, but I am guessing there will be about 10-15 g of dry shrooms. And the effect is awesome. Very happy trip after eating only 1,5 g :)


    well im new to all this 2 time doing kits i can never get then to flower like the pics so dense, but i think i get enough anyway :), good big ones if i could stop them from sprouting on the other sides to only on top i think they would be absolutely briliant.


    Grate grate !!!!
    It’s really easy to grow and fast and the quality is awsome I do recomand this brazilians mushies !!!!


    Arrived quickly
    Arrived quickly (as always) 2 good flushes taken with syrian rue and plenty of spores for future use Ty Zamnesia


    not really had a issue with any kit from this site no matter what brand ,


    Great FLush !
    Box No1:330G First FLush 100g Second 40g Third Bonne récolte à vous pas besoin d'être un pro pour avoir de bon résultats la preuve c'est mon premier Grow Kit :) Juste faire bien attention à que le Grow Kit reste à 22°-23° constament, pas besoin d'eau tout les jours non plus.


    Sheer bliss
    !st time didnt have heat mat Took a while longer but was well worth the wait hah Have followed instructions for next flush and will keep informed Great product


    oh yeah
    you dont want to miss out on these, thats all im saying


    My the best MR for now
    Thank you for great MR. First flush about 220 g. Brazil MR are very delicate and with no bad or deep trip, wonderfull to use with friends to injoy and have great time!

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