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Mondo Sporenspritze Psilocybe cubensis Moby Dick

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    Great stuff
    Mycelium from liquid culture inoculated to grain colonized it extremely fast. After transfering the grain to substrate, mycelium colonized it with great results. Getting the spores to form mycelium in the liquid culture took amazingly long, but after I got to analyze the liquid's chemical properties, I realized that I had made a small miscalculation... The pH was nowhere near optimal because of my own mistake. I used a new batch of honey to make the liquid and without checking the pH I went to sterilize it and injecting the spores in it. This resulted in a mycelium trained to more acidic substrates...

    M. K.

    Strong as the legends say. It took a while to cultivate, but it was totally worth the wait.

    T. G.

    poduit conforme
    correct malgré une seringue sans spores dedans car rien n a poussé et pas de contamination a noter que avec 10 ml de solution c est trop peu pour une boite de 1200 ml

    V. G.

    best consumer support around the
    Zamnesia offerd men replacement or voucher with no shipping costs in

    E. K.

    Moby fett
    Alles super verpackt angekommen das Produkt ist der Hammer Thxxxxxxx

    O. K.


    J. H.
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