Blue Monster Vs White Monster Battle

Famous sibling rivalries decorate history with tales of jealousy, competition, and ferocity. From Cain and Abel to Thor and Loki, these brotherly power struggles create timeless stories that enrapture all those who hear them. These ancient archetypal relationships also exist in the modern world.

Blue Monster cannabis strain vs White Monster cannabis strain

This is the tale of two autoflowering cannabis strains. These cultivars aren't related; they are bound by name alone. Both of these titans offer unique traits that appeal to different types of individuals. Pick your side in the throwdown between Blue Monster and White Monster! Find out which one you relate to, and cast your vote to influence their destiny.

Use the voucher code TEAMWHITE or TEAMBLUE on your next purchase to receive a free seed and vote for your chosen hero. The winning team will also get the chance to redeem a seed of the defeated strain! Don’t wait too long; it’s time to act. Your elected champion needs your help on the battlefield!

Get To Know Your Champion

Before you pledge allegiance to your hero, get to know their traits. Both Blue Monster and White Monster boast impressive genetics, but their differences are enough to polarise followers. By the time you’ve found out more about them, you’ll be ready to join the ranks of your chosen side.

Blue Monster Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds)

(Zamnesia Seeds) Feminized


Blue Monster

Blue Monster is a prime specimen that descends from a lineage of award-winning genetics. She’s the offspring of the powerful and pungent duo Blueberry Automatic and Cheese Automatic. Blue Monster inherited the very best traits from both parents, and is a fast and versatile strain. Her glistening buds emanate almost overpowering scents of sweetness and fruits alongside old-school Cheese aromas.

She packs a considerably heavy punch for an auto. Her indica-dominant nature and THC level of 16% instantly give way to an altered state of consciousness. The soothing high relieves mental stress and physical tension, and it won’t be long until the munchies take hold.

Indoor plants reach an easily manageable height of 70cm and produce a rewarding yield of up to 375g/m². Plants grown outdoors reach a maximum height of 110cm and produce a generous return of 110g/plant. Her bounty will be available after just 9 weeks post-germination.

White Monster Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds)

(Zamnesia Seeds) Feminized


White Monster

White Monster is an exceptionally speedy and mellow cultivar. Zamnesia breeders created this strain by crossing premium indica genetics with a ruderalis strain. White Monster emerged as a stealthy, skunky, and therapeutic variety.

She produces tall and narrow colas laden with frosty trichomes and viscous resin. Her THC level of 12% produces a noticeable effect without coming close to being overwhelming. The physical high casts a relaxing sensation over the body while allowing the mind to remain clear and lucid. Her buds release gorgeous aromas of skunk contrasted by notes of sweetness.

White Monster is super easy to grow and will provide flowers in as little as 8 weeks. Indoor plants can be kept as small as 50cm while producing a generous yield of 325g/m². Plants cultivated outside ascend to a taller height of 110cm and offer a return of up to 80g/plant.

Choose Your Team

Now that you know these titans more intimately, it’s almost time to take up arms and join the frontlines. Knowing your champion is important, but you should also get to know your team. Here at Zamnesia, we have an affinity for knowing what kind of strain suits each personality type. There’s a reason some people love sedating and fruity strains, and others adore stimulating and earthy ones. During our time, we’ve become aficionados at figuring this out. Below, you’ll find out which personality traits correlate with which titan.

Blue Monster vs White Monster

Pick A Side