You Haven't Smoked Anything Until You've Tried A Cavi Cone
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You Haven't Smoked Anything Until You've Tried A Cavi Cone

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A cavi cone is a supercharged joint. Loaded with bud, kief, and concentrates, cavi cones are designed to knock you off your feet. Many brands and dispensaries sell pre-rolled cavi cones. However, rolling your own cones will give you greater control over the quality of the product, and is likely to be more cost-effective.

Cavi Cones have become a common sight on dispensary shelves. You may have seen them being sold alongside pre-rolled joints or near the checkout register. You may have even taken a puff from one at some point. But what exactly is a Cavi Cone?

What Is A Cavi Cone?


A Cavi Cone is basically a pre-rolled joint that takes things to the next level. However, unlike a regular joint, Cavi Cones are loaded with a mixture of cannabis-based products. Cavi Cones can be thought of in layers; the first layer is nothing but ground herb. The second layer is concentrated cannabis like wax or oil. And lastly, the rollie is layered with kief (crystals) to top it off.

This combination of ingredients substantially increases the potency of the final product. High-quality, brand name Cavi Cones have been known to contain THC in excess of 50%.

However, this mixture does more than just increase potency; it also changes the flavour of the roll. By combining so many terpenes and textures, Cavi Cones produce more intensely flavoured cannabis smoke than plain joints.

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What's With The Weird Name?

“Cavi Cone” is a brand name that has come to define the product. These cones were originally produced by California-based cannabis company Caviar Gold. As the cones caught on in popularity, dispensaries and other cannabis companies simply began making their own versions, but decided to keep the iconic and recognisable name. Some Cavi Cones can even be purchased with added natural flavours like grape, apple, and orange for an enhanced smoking experience.

How Do You Roll A Cavi Cone?


Rolling your own Cavi Cones at home may be a better idea than buying pre-rolled ones. Not just because of the money you save on product, but also because some pre-rolled cones may use inferior ingredients. If you regularly buy cones from a specific brand or dispensary, it may be a good idea to crack one open at some point to take a look at exactly what is inside. There is a very good chance you may be able to roll a superior cone for the same or better price.

With a little practice, you will see that rolling a Cavi Cone is not that much more difficult than rolling a joint. To roll one, you will need large or king-sized papers, ground cannabis bud, concentrated oil or wax, and kief crystals.

To roll a Cavi Cone, simply roll a joint, but add some concentrated cannabis and kief on top. Careful not to spill! Just remember to grind your bud before rolling as mixing chunky buds and sticky concentrates can cause serious burning issues. Some people prefer to soak their rolling papers in concentrate and set them to dry before rolling. This way, the concentrate goes inside of the paper instead of the roll.

Inexperienced or beginner rollers may have a hard time packing all of this into a cone. Luckily, Zamnesia has several tools that can help you get it done.

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Raw Bamboo Blackflip Tray

A rolling tray is essential when creating Cavi Cones. Avoid losing precious buds when spills inevitably happen with this bamboo rolling tray. Why settle for plastic? Bamboo is easy to clean, sustainable, and eco-friendly.

RAW Bamboo Backflip Tray (3 parts)View product

Zamnesia Hemp Rolling Papers King Size W/ Tips

Made from unrefined hemp, Zamnesia’s own hemp rolling papers are designed to burn slower and more consistently than rice papers. Moreover, thanks to the natural taste of hemp, these papers add a touch of sweetness to your smoke.

Zamnesia Hemp Rolling Papers King Size + TipsView product

Rolling Tips Classic

Sucking in the contents of your rollie can be pretty gross, especially when it's covered in kief and wax. If your rolling papers don’t already come equipped with tips, these basic cardboard-variety tips will get the job done without too much fuss.


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