The Top 10 Ornamental Plants To Grow Indoors
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Top 10 Ornamental Plants To Grow Indoors

5 min

This diverse selection of ornamental indoor plants caters to all preferences and levels of expertise. Keep it simple or challenge yourself—any pick will reward you with astounding looks or alluring fragrances, not to mention the joy of the process.

Growing plants of your own is a truly rewarding experience. Waking up to notice a new leaf has unfolded or a flower opened, or going through a plant-care ritual every evening to wind down after a long day and connect with your fellow living creatures—as a home gardener, you’ll be provided with endless wondrous little moments, every week.

Better yet, this journey is accessible to gardeners of all levels. Below, we’ll introduce plenty of options, catering to all levels of expertise and settings.

Why grow plants indoors?

Why Grow Plants Indoors?

Ornamental indoor plants are much more than mere decoration. They are good for our mental and physical health.

Research suggests that indoor plants can be therapeutic to care for, reduce stress and anxiety, help to enhance mood and productivity, improve concentration, and boost creativity. Furthermore, they work as natural air filters as they absorb toxins, produce oxygen, and increase humidity levels of indoor air. Additionally, they can offer privacy, add life to sterile spaces, and muffle noise.

You might be thinking that you’d need a lot of time and space to grow an indoor plant. Well, rest reassured—plants can be grown in nearly any setting, such as a windowsill, a tiny balcony, a kitchen table, or the top of a cupboard.

Get to know our top 10, and pick the perfect one(s) for you. Trust us, it’s more than worth it.

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Top 10 ornamental plants to grow indoors

Top 10 Ornamental Plants To Grow Indoors

Curious? Good! We’re excited to introduce you to ten truly cool plants—some impress with elegant looks, others with their seductive fragrance.

Whatever your preferences, and whether you’re looking for something easy-to-grow or would like to challenge yourself, we’ve got you covered. Prepare for fun and fabulousness!

1. African violet

African Violet

This popular houseplant boasts pretty flowers that, in spite of the name, come in various colours. Whether violet, blue, mauve, pink, red, or white, these plants can bloom continuously for months, all year round—perfect for anyone looking to add some colour to their home.

African violets are compact plants that like to be positioned in bright, indirect sunlight. They thrive in warm, humid air, so consider placing them in the kitchen or bathroom. Add in regular and careful watering and feeding, and your African violets will reward you with bountiful flowers.

Can’t get enough? Expand your crop by growing new plants from leaf cuttings. Fun!

2. Dwarf pepper

Dwarf Pepper

If you’re looking for something extravagant to spice things up, but don’t have a lot of space, dwarf pepper is the one for you.

This ornamental pepper can be cultivated in a seedbed or flowerpot from February to October. It needs temperatures of around 20°C and should be transplanted into larger pots when plants are about 8–10cm tall.

Sure to entertain, the fruits of these plants can change from light yellow to purple and orange before putting on their classic red dress.

While they’re theoretically edible, dwarf peppers are not recommended for consumption as they lack flavour. Allow these fruits to please you with their looks instead.

3. Lemon-scented gum

Lemon-Scented Gum

Perfect for beginners, this easy-to-grow plant can handle drought, light frost, and requires moderate amounts of water.

True to its name, this little tree produces strongly lemon-scented foliage, making for a stimulating olfactory experience.

Lemon-scented gum loves full sun. Keep soil moderately moist in the early days of its life and occasionally apply native fertiliser. Elegant and hardy, attractive and robust, this plant doesn’t mind poor soils and will mature into a tolerant, pungent creature.

4. Chrysanthemums


Also known as mums or chrysanths, these plants will bring some charming and playful shapes and hues into your everyday life. Their flowers come in varied forms, such as multi-petalled pompoms or open daisies. When it comes to colour, they may be pink, red, orange, or purple, as well as a summary yellow or a classic white.

Sure to please with their lovely appearance, these darling plants are easy to care for. They like warm, sheltered spots with plenty of sunlight, and enjoy fertile, well-drained soil. All you need to do, after finding a suitable place, is water and feed them regularly and protect them from potential frost. Easy.

5. Crown of thorns

Crown Of Thorns

Crown of thorns, also known as Christ plant or Christ thorn, can bloom nearly all year round and produces small green flowers surrounded by eye-catching bracts that come in white, red, orange, yellow, or pink.

Watch out with these ones if you’ve got pets or children in the house, as this pretty succulent plant is poisonous to humans and animals.

Crown of thorns enjoys full or partial exposure to sun, well-drained soil, and the same room temperatures that feel comfortable to many humans. When it comes to water, this plant is very forgiving, but don’t let it sit in a puddle for long.

6. Asparagus fern

Asparagus Fern

This hairy fellow is not actually a fern but looks quite like one. A member of the lily family and native to the forests of southern Africa, asparagus ferns make fantastic houseplants. This is the one for those seeking to add some luscious green to their home. And its delicate foliage is lovely to touch as well.

Strong in nature, asparagus fern is easy to care for—simply keep it out of direct sunshine, provide some humidity, and water well when it’s hot.

7. Rose plants

Rose Plants

Roses need no introduction.We love them, and they love the sun; and with the right care, they can last for many years.Plant them in rich, well-drained soil, which is to be kept continuously moist. Prune them annually for best results, and deadhead to boost flowering.

Roses blossom in summer, but many kinds repeat-flower into autumn. How very exciting, just like a good old love affair!

8. Cigar plant

Cigar Plant

Commonly referred to as Mexican cigar plant or firecracker plant, Cuphea ignea is a fiery and tender cultivar that thrives in tropical environments that resemble its native Mexico and Jamaica—don’t worry, this can be easily mimicked at home. 

Its bright red flowers boast white and black tips reminiscent of a lit cigar. Plus, “ignea” is Latin for fire.

Sow it in a seed tray between January and May at 20°C. Keep the soil moist. Use a spray bottle to frequently apply water mixed with plant spray. After spraying, cover your tray with cling film. This will prevent the soil from drying out—you want to keep it nice and tropical. 

When the first shoots emerge, remove the cling film. Transplant when your plants have reached heights of 8–10cm.

Once matured, cigar plants can bloom almost year-round. And, if placed near a window or on a balcony, their interesting flowers will attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and plenty of other happy pollinators.

9. Jasmine


This is a fine, delicate beauty. And wait till you smell these flowers!

Jasmine may bloom in summer or winter.When it does, you’ll be able to enjoy a sweet and distinctive yet humble fragrance that you might know from herbal teas.

Flowers come in various hues, such as white, yellow, or red.

They like a sunny, warm, sheltered location and moist but well-drained soil. Also, as climbers, they need supportive structures like wires or a trellis. When choosing their location, think of where you’d like their scent to spoil you.

10. Sensitive plant

Sensitive Plant

Sensitive plant, also known as touch-me-not or mimosa, is famous for its intriguing leaf movement. The tiny hairs on its leaves react to touch, temperature, and motion. When they are triggered, the leaves fold inward, which they also do at night.

So, if you’d like a houseplant to watch for hours, this is the one for you.

In spite of the name, sensitive plant is hardy and low-maintenance. It’ll grow upward first, before creeping outward. If you plant them from seeds, start them in spring. Provide well-drained, loamy soil and full to partial exposure to sun.

Mimosa’s purple or pink flowers will bloom during summer. It doesn’t get boring.

Get your pick of plants today

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