The Most Popular Ways Cannabis Is Consumed
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The Most Popular Ways Cannabis Is Consumed

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There are a lot of ways to use weed, and science wants to know which are the most popular.

There is an age-old debate that has been the focus of countless conversations amongst fellow stoners: which is the best way to get high on marijuana? It is a question that is extremely hard to answer, as the versatility cannabis offers means there are many ways to use it, all with different feels, effects and practicalities.

In a way, it comes down to personal preference, so maybe a better question to ask is, what are the most popular ways to use weed?

To shed some light on cannabis use trends – in the light of recent legalisation – the American Journal of Preventative Medicine conducted a survey asking people, among other questions, how they prefer to light up. They managed to gather 4’269 answers, giving us a fairly good idea of what people enjoy the most.

Among users, 10.5% reported using for medical-only reasons, 53.4% reported using for recreational-only reasons, and the remaining 36.1% reported using for both.

It is the use of a bowl or pipe that has come out on top, and was marginally the most popular method of use, with 49.5% of people saying they use them. In second place was the joint at 49.2%. We knew pipes were popular, but we didn’t realise it was so close! We wonder if it is the same here in the EU?

Next came the bong/waterpipe/hookah, at 21.7%, followed by the blunt, at 20.3%.

The final two were edibles at 16.1% and vaporizers at 7.6%.

It is unfortunate to see edibles and vaporizers coming up last, because these, in theory, deliver the purest and safest high available, but each to their own we guess! And if you are wondering why the percentages add up to more than 100, it is because participants were not asked to pick their favourite, but everything they regularly use – giving a better picture of overall habits.

Do you guys agree with this? Could things be different here? The joint is undoubtedly one of the most popular methods of use there is, but what about edibles and bongs? It has offered an interesting glimpse into the way people are now using weed in the wake of more mainstream acceptance.

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