Philosopher Seeds Cannabis Strains For SOG
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Special Cannabis Strains For SOG By Philosopher Seeds

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Using the sea of green (SOG) cultivation method allows growers to sustain high yields in tight, indoor spaces. Plant and harvest more often using this classic method.

Philosopher Seeds has been around since the 1990’s, concerning themselves with a number of breeding projects. They compiled an exquisite seed bank of artisan seeds, which they produce using their own genetics. They also have a top-shelf team of collaborators that make it a priority to distribute only the finest products.

When looking for feminized strains that are optimal for the sea of green (SOG) growing method, look no further than Philosopher Seeds. They understand that it is not only the growing method, but also the quality of the products used that ultimately determines a successful crop.

The SOG method is easily understood. It forces cannabis plants to flower at a young age and is ideal for growing in compact spaces without sacrificing yield. The main idea is to grow multiple, smaller plants more densely, rather than cultivating fewer, larger plants. Flowering starts within 15 days from seed and creates uniform, homogeneous growth.


What is Sea Of Green (SOG)?

Sea of green is an indoor growing technique that was developed by Dutch growers back in the 1970s. When they were evolving the SOG method, they maximised yield by calculating the number of small plants per m² that could fit into the indoor growing space.

Typically, feminized seeds or clones are used in this setup, and several crops are rotated throughout the year. This method is primarily used in indoor grow tents and/or rooms.


The best way to implement SOG is to use approximately 20 (5x4) to 36 (6x6) plants per m². Because the cannabis plants will be more compactly situated in the space, one should use containers 3-7 litres in size. With that in mind, automated irrigation is mostly used due to how closely the plants grow.

When considering the layout of plants within the grow room, it is a good idea to keep in mind that the plants should receive a 12/12 light regimen when they hit the flowering stage. It should also be taken into consideration that different strains vary in their vegetative cycles, but most of the growth will range between 15 to 30 days.

Feeding plants to support their growth helps ensure that the growing medium does not become depleted. Wait about a week and a half before adding nutrients to the seedling mix.

Many growers end up adding nutrients on a regular basis, so as to deter the exhaustion of healthy growth material for as long as five to six weeks. Nutrition is something that needs to gradually build as the plant moves through the different phases of its growth cycle.


Advantages of SOG

Sea of green is considered one of the most efficient methods for harvesting flower from plants as soon as possible. It does not require the training and extended growth time that it takes to grow plants using the screen of green (ScrOG) cultivation method. So basically, if proper strains for the SOG method are chosen, growers can save on time and vertical space.

SOG can be beneficial when using clones because it allows you to save money and time on purchasing and germinating seeds. This growing method does not require pruning, but some growers do clean up a bit to create airflow and help plants focus energy on flower production. A number of growers also add fans to their SOG spaces to not only strengthen stems, but reduce the risk of pests, mould, and disease.


The disadvantages of SOG

There are a few disadvantages that should be considered before choosing the sea of green method. There are a high number of marijuana plants in a small space - a much higher density than with the ScrOG method. More plants in a tighter space means greater risk of certain growing-related problems. For one, there is the greater possibility of pests and disease. There is also the potential risk of being noticed by law enforcement possessing a large number of plants.

More plants in a tighter space means greater risk of certain growing-related problems. For one, there is the greater possibility of pests and disease. There is also the potential risk of being noticed by law enforcement possessing a large number of plants.

Lighting can be an issue for some growers. Because most lighting is fixed from above and the plants are situated low and clustered together, it is recommended to use multiple light sources for optimal coverage. This can be costly on the electricity bill and also take more planning and manoeuvring. But, many of these plants are suitable for LED grow lights or lights with less penetration than 600W HPS lamps.


Some strains are better suited for the SOG method than others. Picking the right strains to grow is important for this reason. The ones ideal for sea of green can thrive in small spaces and optimally flower under situational stressors. Philosopher Seeds has a great selection of feminized seeds for growers intending to use the SOG method. Here are the best SOG cannabis strains by Philosopher Seeds:

Orange Candy

Orange Candy Philosopher Seeds

A fantastic choice due to its stability and large, central bud. This particular choice is a sativa-dominant plant with strong potency and a delicious citrus taste and aroma. Resistant to disease, pests, and stress, this plant stays at a low height and has dense growth nodes. It is considered a great candidate for SOG cultivation.

Black Bomb

Black Bomb Philosopher Seeds

Due to its low growth structure and high stability, Black Bomb is considered a wonderful choice for the SOG growing method. This particular plant is an indica-dominant strain known for tackling insomnia and chronic pain. Its lingering sweet and earthy flavour dominates the palate and is a sensation for any smoker.

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Luke Sumpter
With a BSc (Hons) degree in Clinical Health Sciences and a passion for growing plants, Luke Sumpter has worked as a professional journalist and writer at the intersection of cannabis and science for the past 7 years.
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