Kief: What It Is And How To Make It
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3 Cool Ways To Use Your Kief

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The humble weed grinder sees a lot of action. Many stoners will only break into the bottom chamber to scoop out the layer of crystals in times of drought. We’ve got 3 easy methods to turn those trichome reserves into awesome stash, plus 3 resin-dripping strains to recommend for hash-makers.

The trusty 4-piece grinder with the bottom crystal-catching chamber has long been an essential piece of stoner kit. No matter how you prefer to enjoy your marijuana, whether via spliff or vaporizer, the process starts with a few twists of a weed grinder. Daily tokers can expect to pack their grinder full with pollen reserves every 2-6 weeks. This is much more than an emergency stash. These trichomes are a renewable resource for stoners. In this blog, we’ll break down 3 cool ways to use your grinder crystals, and reveal our top 3 strains for hash production.

#1 Press Some Pollen With A Hot Cup Of Coffee


Whether your stash has run dry or you just fancy some fire, the layer of crystals gathering in your grinder are the answer. You can turn these trichs into a piece of high-grade hash in 5 minutes. All you need is a small plastic baggie (about the size 1-2g of bud is packaged in), scissors, one roach paper to use as a scoop, and a hot cup of coffee. Put the kettle on and let’s get started.

While the hot water is boiling, carefully use the roach paper to scoop up and transfer those grinder crystals to the plastic baggie. Unless you have a huge grinder and a fiendish daily habit, don’t expect to fill up the baggie. 1g of crystals is about average and will fill up no more than ⅓ of the bag. Give the baggie a tap or shake to get all the trichs compacted at the bottom. Use scissors to cut away 50% of the excess plastic, leaving just enough to fold the top closed like an envelope.


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By now, the coffee should be ready. Pour yourself a hot cup and place it on top of your plastic envelope of crystals. Let it sit for 1-2 minutes. Then, flip over the baggie envelope to allow the other side to “cook” for a further 1-2 minutes. Finally, remove your pressed rectangular pollen hash. If still not completely compacted, hold it firmly against the warm cup to finish off. Unwrap and enjoy with your coffee.

If you are planning on scooping up loads of kief and making your own hash, coffeecup-pressed or otherwise, you will want to work with cannabis strains that are known for their resin-coated buds, crystal-covered sugar leaves, and stellar hash-producing potential. Check out these three top-selling strains that offer precisely this:

Ice By Royal Queen Seeds


This frosty princess is a very sticky combination of a trio of indica legends. By successfully hybridising Afghan, Northern Lights, and Skunk genetics, RQS created Indica Crystal Extreme or ICE. Expect dense nugs blanketed in trichomes with a knockout stoning effect. ICE is a vigorous hybrid with a compact, branchy growth pattern and impressive flower to leaf ratio. Indoors, she can be ready for harvest in just 8 weeks of standard 12/12 bloom. For the homemade hash-maker, this heavy, high-production indica is royally dank raw material.

Super Hash By Pyramid Seeds


Super Hash is a no-nonsense indica hybrid that will fog-up your grow-op with her misty-white, resin-coated flowers. She falls into the “stretch indica” category as she will reach for the sky during her fast and furious 8-week bloom cycle. However, she also packs on the bud weight and can produce as much as 600g/m². Super Hash’s chunky nugs glisten with trichs and are sticky to the touch, just begging to be converted into concentrates.

Monster By Eva Seeds


Monster is the Hulk strain for hash-makers. This extraordinary specimen is an exotic crossing of the legendary G13 Hashplant and a mysterious South American hybrid. Sprawling bushes laden with long-running, dense, shimmering colas after 9-10 weeks of bloom have earned Monster a rep as a space-hungry beast. Along with her generous yields of tight, sticky green buds comes enormous extract potential. Monster is a versatile, big-time producer. Plants perform well in a variety of substrates and grow styles. Indoors or outdoors in Mediterranean climates, her resistant, resinous, and fat flowers are every hash-maker’s dank dream.

#2 Dust A Moonrock


A healthy topping of crystals gives a moonrock its otherworldly looks. If you use your grinder crystals to dust-up a bud painted in rosin, you can create a cannabinoid-packed moonrock that hits with the force of an asteroid. All of the different strains that have been crunched in your grinder will be making a contribution to create a moonrock like no other. Expect to be pleasantly surprised with mixed flavours, effects, and potencies.

Of course, we’ve got a blog for all the popular cannabis concentrates and homemade hash varieties, with easy-to-follow recipes for making hand-rubbed finger hash to drum-rolled kief and water-washed bubble hash.

#3 Make A First Class Blunt Or Joint


Treat yourself to a trip to Dreamland with a cannabis cocktail blunt or joint. It’s simple, drizzle some rosin or hash oil over your rolling papers or blunt wrap. Then, scoop some crystals from your grinder with your roach paper, and sprinkle liberally. Lastly, pack with weed and roll up. You can coat the exterior for an eye-catching design or keep it discreet and sealed inside. Either way, best allow the rolling paper or blunt wrap a minute or two to dry before adding ground bud and rolling up. Blaze and blast off.

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