Waage Fuzion FZ (75 x 0.01g)


Diese kompakte, leichte professionelle digitale Waage arbeitet in 6 Wägemodi. Unter seinem Klappdeckel verwendet es eine LCD Anzeige zur Messung von bis zu 75g bei einer Genauigkeit von 0,01g. Die FZ-75 hat eine 10-Jahres-Garantie auf die Lebensdauer und wird mit 2 x AAA Batterien (im Lieferumfang inbegriffen) betrieben.

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Waage Fuzion FZ (75 x 0.01g) data sheet
Produktart Digitalwaage
Precision 0.01g
Total capacity 75

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Bewertungen (24)

    Top pour mes premières pesées. A voir avec le temps.


    its pretty good!
    pros: -works fine -small so its easy to take on a trip -doesnt lie cons: -complicated in the begining -small area


    ik heb de nodige gewichtjes voor de weegschaal te testen en deze worden goed nauwkeurig aangegeven Zeker zijn geld waard


    Free scales
    Hi I’d like to mention I never received these in my order. During November madness


    A small pocket scale
    Note that its pretty hard to even put a container on it to tare and then weigh, its pretty much just a really small scale.


    great scale
    super scale works


    It's silver!?
    Okay, so I thought I would get a black scale, but apparently I got a silver one? Kind of strange that Zamnesia isn't clear about the coloring of the scale because I think silver plastic is about the ugliest it can get. Cheap look and feel. It's disappointing that I didn't get a black one, hence the 3 stars, because otherwise it's a good product.


    conforme (voir descriptif)
    Ce produit convient parfaitement au dosage indiqué, produit qualitatif à recommander.


    good price for good scale
    it is very accurate for a spot on price, and accuracy is everything specially if you use crystals for making a vape liquid, it looks appealing is small and large enough to carry around and battery friendly. good buy.


    OK Scale
    There are better, more accurate scales out there for the money (ex: Gemini 20 or other Gemini scale). But this scale gets the job done most of the time, even though it is only 0.01g and not a milligram scale. I did not get a calibration weight with this scale, unfortunately, like another review said. The scale asks for 50.00g. I have found that 5 2 euro coins and 1 1 euro coin together make up exactly 50 grams, and that the weight of money is very strictly regulated and thus accurate. Just a tip for other people, calibrate it very often. Thanks Zamnesia

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Waage Fuzion FZ (75 x 0.01g)
Waage Fuzion FZ (75 x 0.01g)
Waage Fuzion FZ (75 x 0.01g)
Waage Fuzion FZ (75 x 0.01g)