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Kratom Maeng Da (10 Gramm)

Kratom Maeng Da (10 Gramm)

Kratom Maeng Da kann in "aufgemotztes Kratom" übersetzt werden. Es ist das stärkste verfügbare Kratom und ist bereits bei 1 Gramm wirksam. Die wichtigsten Wirkungen von Kratom Maeng Da sind ein euphorisches Gefühl und endlose Energie. Erhältlich in Tüten mit 10 Gramm in zerkleinerter oder Pulverform.

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    Von W. T. :

    Der Kunde hat das Produkt beurteilt aber bisher keine Bewertung geschrieben oder die Bewertung ist noch nicht freigeschaltet

    Von D. N. An 20/Sept/2016 :

    Betreff : Ive Just discovered kratom
    Kommentar : I've been using kratom for 2 months now, zamnesia sent me some discount codes and that when I saw kratom for the first time, I did a quick bit of research and placed my order. So I've been suffering from anxiety, being socially awkward and generally down and in a bad.mood constantly, this was due to massive life changes, divorce, not seeing my kids, business failin etc. My doctors always wanted to fill me with anti-depressants but I don't trust big pharma and believe the earth provides us with everything we need, you just have to find it first. So I tried kratom as it ticked all boxes for me. I have to say kratom is amazing, it ha's made me more confident, I don't get anxious anymore, I have bundles of energy, im very optimistic all the time, it really has helped me get my life back on track. I take 2 grams every morning and wash down with orange juice. It is an absolute wonder herb. LOVE IT! KRATOM could help so many people with so many different symptoms but unfortunately it's becoming banned in most countries, no doubt the big pharma are behind it.

    Von J. C. An 05/Sept/2016 :

    Betreff : Sympa ..
    Kommentar : Très bon produit même si, pour ma part, je préfère celui de bali qui a un effet plus " calmant ". 5grammes en infusion suffisent pour un effet opiacé relaxant contrairement au kratom de bali dans lequel je mets les 10grammes. Service et livraison impeccable comme d'habitude avec Zamnesia.

    Von J. L. An 01/Sept/2016 :

    Betreff : Bon produit
    Kommentar : Produit sympa à consommer

    Von A. G. An 14/Jun/2016 :

    Betreff : feel nothing
    Kommentar : I took 5 gram and felt nothing. Smoke a head of hash and you will be more happy..

    Von S. I. An 02/Mai/2016 :

    Betreff : good
    Kommentar : the more energizing kratom... felt really euphoric. tastes much better than bali,even though they both taste like dust... recommend taking a teaspoon of it and flushing it down with some juice.

    Von V. M. An 10/Apr/2016 :

    Betreff : Vive le Kratom !
    Kommentar : 2 gr en tisane et cest partis pour 4h de puissante relaxation ! J'en rachèterais !

    Von L. L. An 15/Mrz/2016 :

    Betreff : tres bien
    Kommentar : pour ma part je le fume et au bout de deux me sent vraiment bien zen j en met 1 gramme

    Von E. H. An 23/Feb/2016 :

    Betreff : The indicated dosage is too low. :)
    Kommentar : I first tried with 0.8g, because I know I'm quite receptive to any of drug of medication. I didn't really felt anything, just a very little something that could let me imagine what I'd feel if I took more. Then I tried with 1.5g or something and didn't feel anything, but maybe it was because I drank it on the evening, just after eathing, and my belly was full. One morning, I drank 2g on a empty stomach and went out to take my bus, so I smoke like 1/3 a joint waiting for it. In the bus I felt really relaxed. I felt just fine & comfortable. My eyes were closing but I didn't especially wanna sleep. Then I smoked what was left of my joint (like 1/3 again) and had a little hot chocolate. I felt a little dizzy and had to throw up. I did not feel really good, but I purged and then I felt better. The effect lasted like 1h after it, so not really long. But 1-2g is not enough I think. Well, for me a when you don't drink it on a empty stomath, it's not enough. I'd say 3-4g is perfect, but I'll try it later. :)

    Von M. G. An 19/Feb/2016 :

    Betreff : efficace
    Kommentar : avec le bon dosage:3g pour 4 heures de détente

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