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Waage On Balance CT-250 (50 x 0.001g)

 4.5/5 (12)

    precise scale
    this scale is very precise, it is even sensible to small vibrations / shaking the table ! the bubble-level is a nice feature!

    G. D.

    Very accurate scale!

    Z. C.

    muy útil
    exacta, precisa, super fácil!!

    D. O.

    Great scale
    Very good scale, precise and quite affordable, ideal for precise dosing

    F. R.

    Very good and precise
    Arrived fast and very professional customer service. This is a good product very sharp I would say the precision limit is between 0,001 0,005 Max so I am very happy with it and I don’t regret the order. It is very helpful and way safer if you are working with small and sensitive tools. God bless you camarades

    F. G.

    Scale On Balance CT-250
    Snelle levering, weegschaal is heel nauwkeurig, zit bovendien in een beschermende tas...

    W. G.

    Great scale
    This scale is perfect for weighing any substance that needs to be weighed with milligram precision. Love the fact that you can level it perfectly, very nice accessories also.

    R. B.

    Excellent scale!
    This scale is very precise, sensitive (it can weigh even a few miligrams) and the fact that comes with calibration weighs make the user sure for the accuracy of his device. It's small size makes it very convenient and if someone wants to weigh something light but voluminus, he can put a small plastic water glass on the scale and press the Tare button to zero the indication.

    V. G.

    Precisa Calibrabile se si hanno dubbi consigliatissima!!!!!

    G. P.
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