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Rapé Kanna

 4/5 (23)

    rapé potencia media
    Se nota el efecto de la kanna,efecto vibrante.


    Unlike any other rapé I have tried
    I'm quite happy with the rapé, although I prefer something with a little bit more kick!


    Special effect
    I gave this rap to a friend of mine who takes traditional rap regularly, he was astonished by the ganja-like experience which was almost overwhelming. So this was due to the kanna. A good quality rap with a very special effect!


    Fast delivery, works as advertised
    It was very helpful for me.


    stronger than Rapé Guayusa
    the lighter the color the stronger. If this is the first time you will be using this check it on youtube first and see what its about, it seems of good quality, made well and packed in a nice tin, this was not the product for me however as I have a medical issue in my nose and can't inhale normally, however, it does work and gives you a good buzz, it was good to know that sniffing dry plants is not my call so that was worth it.


    trés bon rapé
    j'ai découvert le rapé au costa rica pendant une cérémonie d'ayahusca , il y a plusieurs rapé différents avec la combinaison de différentes plante et tabac , celui-ci est sympa il me rends tranquille et joyeux en même temps très bien pour canalisé ses intentions avant de faire une session d'ayahusca ou tous simplement pour ce sentir bien lorsque vous le souhaitez .


    Lovely Rapé
    This lovely Rapé cleared my head and connected me deeply with nature and earth. I had a few insights. I took more than the average dose. I expexted it to feel rough and that it would blow me away a bit, but actually it was a soft blow. Thank you Zamnesia! I would recommend to change the basket that contains the Rapé, when I filled my karupé and wanted to close it again, the Rapé fell out. It is not very practical.


    Good price and working nice
    I have used many kinds of Rapé from overseas. This may be not shaman blessed, but works. Not strong as the extracts though. Nice. Only thing, I can only use it or other rapé very sparse course it easy block my nose.

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