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Psychedelische Mikrodosierungspackung

 4/5 (76)

    Great product - I'm going to use it again!
    Was a bit sceptical if I would gain any benefits from this. Used it for a couple of month and overall, it improved my mood toward become more happy, have a more positive mindset and made me concern less about worrying thoughts. A funny/peculiar thing is that I also occasionally experienced the ability to be able to read extremely fast, without loosing the meaning. This, however, didn't last.


    Très efficace
    Tout est dit dans la description, cela m'a été très utile.


    Excellent produit!
    Produit également reçu sans problèmes, en moins d'une semaine. La qualité est au rendez-vous! Je doit avoir une sensibilité accrue, car, une simple demie dose, de l'ordre de 0,5, me procure quelques effets sympas ahah : P


    placebo qui ne marche pas
    J'ai essayé ces truffes en micro dosages et j'avoue ne ressentir aucun changement dans mon mental ou autre, je pense que c'est un placebo qui sur certain fera peut être effet mais je déconseille ce produit pour essayer de changer son état d'esprit.


    Very good product
    Shipping was fast and easy. The packaging is perfect. Good quality.


    Very good
    I would totally recommend the Microdose pack, in my case the effects were high sensitivity by doing sports, more cognitive capacity, less worrying thoughts and more multi task with more efficiency capacities.


    Professional, fast and reliable Zamnesia service...
    Microdosing: Very good website, clear structured and easy to surf through. A lot of good information on it. The ordering process was very. The shipment very fast with tracking detailes. My products arrived earlier then expected. The package and each product are in best conditions. I started my microdosing treatment yesterday and now fulfilling my cycles in the hope that I will be so lucky as many others here and feel positive results. That is why I gave five stars. Lets hope the truffles will do their job now.


    Good product, arrived successfully
    There was a bit of confusion with the shipping company (they said they were sending it back at one point), the product was eventually delivered. The Zamnesia staff were responsive and helpful throughout the entire process. As for the product, it works as I expected---would order again.


    I really liked the product. The effect is very interesting. Used month. New ideas, unusual solutions this effect lasts the second month.


    Fine for a first i attempt to see over the long term

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