Blättchen Irie King Size Extra Leicht Hanf


Die extra leichten Hanf Blättchen in King Size von Irie werden aus reinem Hanf hergestellt und sind sehr dünn, beinahe durchsichtig. Diese 110mm x 44mm Blättchen brennen sehr langsam ab und hinterlassen kaum Asche. Eine Packung für den Power Raucher: 64 Blättchen.

1,25 inkl. MwSt.
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Bewertungen (12)

    Tolle Preis/Leistung! Brennen perfekt ab auch bei 95/5%


    Simply the best
    These rolling papers are the best. So cheap and easy to use. They really can help you rolling. Tastes good also!


    Many papers, pretty cheap, smoke/taste fine. I like the thinnest papes too: HSMI0070 , but those are a little more expensive for less papers. I'll stick to this product on the regular, the pack/box is really nice too.


    Goeie vloei voor weinig
    Superdun, geen papier, mooie verbranding, draait super makkelijk, smaakt perfect en dan ook nog eens 64 stuks voor mij niks anders meer ;-)


    I bought these as a special something for a weekend with some friends. They all loved the way these papers tasted, smoked and looked. I rolled the most gorgeous spliffs with these papers, honestly my best rolling experience. Looking forward to order a whole box of them. The most remarkable thing about these papers is the way they taste, it's subtle, but brings out the best in whatever you put in the paper.


    Ces feuilles sont autant agreables à rouler qu'à fumer et contenu de ses 64 feuilles, le paquet dure plus longtemps et permet de faire des économies.


    Are you feeeling IRIE!!
    Haven't bought from here but had before elsewhere clean skins like all thin papers they are somewhat harder to roll maybe get a rolling mat, they smoke great if you can roll them well enough ;)


    halten wirklich schlecht...


    Papier très agréable se fume très bien !


    Super feuilles,comme l'impression que le paquet finit jamais.

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Knowledge Base

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Blättchen Irie King Size Extra Leicht Hanf
Blättchen Irie King Size Extra Leicht Hanf