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Purple Urkle (Pyramid Seeds) feminisiert

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    An amazing Indica!
    Last year I had great success with a photoperiod variety, Purple Urkle. I had an enormous crop with very high quality buds, plants grew to 2 metres tall. After harvest I dried the crop over four to five days and then placed it all in maturing jars, which I burped every 3 days for the first month. I then left it to mature for a further 3 months in cool conditions. The result is amazing! The Indica dominance is so prevalent, with a deep temporal, relaxing high, easing any anxiety or stress and aiding deep, uninterupted sleep. I have shared this with a friend that suffers from M.S. She is so thankful to have found a variety that works for her. Now, after a further 6 months in maturation, the aroma and 'hit' has intensified and developed into a smooth, relaxing and 'flowing' experience. I highly recommend it to outdoor growers. No need to grow it this year as last years crop from 4 plants is sufficient to last me a total of 2 years.

    G. A.
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