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Peganum Harmala (10 grams)

 4.5/5 (56)

    This stuff is great as a tea or brewed with caapi and even to try growing for your own. Amazing quality as always from Zamnesia. Nicely done guys!


    por estas semillas estupendas


    Doing the job
    My tip for u guys is to grind it about 3-4g put in 150ml boil it about 20 minutes, left till it cooldown and drink the tea before ayauhasc from mimosa or pyshotria even chaliponga I try with all of it and it works. Thx Zamnesia


    Good product
    Chew some grams to increase the mushrooms...really works goooodd!!


    Dank U Zamnesia, Ik het pakje net ontvangen... morgen volgt de berijding van het drankje... Top


    Une plante au potentiel méconnu
    Je consomme les graines seules et en infusion (30 min à l'eau bouillante avec le jus d'un citron) pour un effet nootropique et euphorisant. L'effet nootropique est particulièrement puissant avec forte stimulation cognitive et intellectuelle et impulsions à écrire, écrire et encore écrire... Il est bien dommage que cette plante soit si peu connue dans le monde occidental. Je ne l'ai pas encore testée pour le mélange d'ayahuasca. Harmel, je t'aime !


    Lo esperado
    Es una semilla madre que sirve para todo.


    For aya
    It works if you prepare it right


    Good quality


    even great in small "homöopathic" doses!
    since I have a pretty clean system (no alc or other dirt) I consume all this Aya-related products in small homöopathic doses (I cook 20 cups of tea with one package and even reboil it between 2 and 4 times with great (soft) effects. Of course I doesnt "send you to the moon" but together with ambitious self reflecting work it leads to great long term effects, in a nut shell: get back to better contact with your basic self. I can highly recommend ... ref. ZAMNESIA service, mailing: couldnt be better. Very satisfied. Keep it up, guys!

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