Banisteriopsis caapi (50 Gramm)


Banisteriopsis Caapi ist eine heilige Rebe aus dem Amazonas Dschungel und ist der Hauptbestandteil von Ayahuasca. Die wichtigsten Wirkstoffe dieser Rebsorte sind Harmin und Harmalin. Um im Gehirn aktiv zu werden, muß Banisteriopsis Caapi mit einer DMT-haltigen Pflanze gemischt werden. Zamnesia bietet Banisteriopsis Caapi zerkleinert und in Pulverform in Packungen mit 50 Gramm an.

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Banisteriopsis caapi: Hauptbestandteil von Ayahuasca

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Bewertungen (60)

    Excellent quality!
    Must be prepared with love respect and knowledge! YOU WILL SEE WHAT YOU DO NOT BELIEVE AS EXISTING! !PANACE!


    Best service
    Fast efficient delivery, good quality products


    Spedizione velocissima, arrivata in una settimana.


    Best quality!!!
    Brewed with chacruna and I had one of the best trip of my life. Definitely will buy again. Zamnesia is a top notch provider. Im stick with them from now one.


    perfecta para infusion


    nice product
    very useful for what I needed it for, arrived quickly !


    Best product
    To get proper amount for person its not so easy depend on your weight. Diet and other things. But for start 50g banisteriopsis and 50G psyotria its enough for first test with ayahuasca. Me myself until I cook it propely take me to cook 3 diferent brews at fourth time I leran perfectly. Don't Blame zamnesia if not work, cause if will its only your fault, like I said first 3 times I done it wrong at 4 time was alright. best way is boil 4hours 3xbatch so totally 12 hours minium.


    Very good
    Very good product, perfect quality, used with Chaliponga with very good results of sacred medicine. One bag is enough for two persons, for strong trip last for 3-4 hours. Coocked for 3h with juice from 1 lemon and a piece of fresh ginger. Drink it first (15 minuts before drinking Chaliponga tea).


    Madre Ayahuasca is the best Mom!
    Definitely worth it!


    Received my order for really fast after Bank transfert in France. I boiled 50gram of caapi and in an other pot 20gram of mimosas adding water and lemon juiceevery 3 h for a total off 11h on really low heat (no bubbles). took half of each brew and effect starts to appear after 40 min then i decided to take the other half. I relaxed and enjoyed the vision and mind peace for an hour before i vomit... but after vomit the effect were almost gone... so i think it s good to make more for after vomiting wich seems to be normal.i took only half in case i puke but i didnt wait enough thinking i wont =). hope my review can help. be carefull still. Give respect to the plants! It s not good to do party but to enjoy mother nature and heal yourself. Thanks

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Banisteriopsis caapi (50 Gramm)
Banisteriopsis caapi (50 Gramm)