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Banisteriopsis caapi (50 Gramm)

Banisteriopsis caapi (50 Gramm)

Banisteriopsis Caapi ist eine heilige Rebe aus dem Amazonas Dschungel und ist der Hauptbestandteil von Ayahuasca. Die wichtigsten Wirkstoffe dieser Rebsorte sind Harmin und Harmalin. Um im Gehirn aktiv zu werden, muß Banisteriopsis Caapi mit einer DMT-haltigen Pflanze gemischt werden. Zamnesia bietet Banisteriopsis Caapi zerkleinert und in Pulverform in Packungen mit 50 Gramm an.

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Banisteriopsis caapi: Hauptbestandteil von Ayahuasca


    Von am 02/Mrz/2017 :

    Titel : Freebase DMT potentiator
    Kommentar : Didn't buy this to make Ayahuasca but to potentiate freebase DMT and it works! Used a bong : Caapi at the bottom, sprinkled some DMT cristals on top of that and topped the bowl with some white lotus, this made for a pretty smooth smoke, clearded it in one go and off i went, blast off. Lasts alot longer than a freebase trip because of the MAOI properties, time to make some changa!

    Von am 27/Feb/2017 :

    Titel : Done the job
    Kommentar : Boiled using traditional methods, 100g of caapi, 50g phy vid, 20g chaliponga. Served 3 Wow. First experience, have perchased more. Good materials, thankyou Zammy! X

    Von am 25/Jan/2017 :

    Titel : Great
    Kommentar : It's great I can now finally order this. have already tried it and everything went smoothly, ordering again

    Von :

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    Von am 24/Jul/2016 :

    Titel : Excelente
    Kommentar : Excelente producto!

    Von am 29/Jun/2016 :

    Titel : Have to try again
    Kommentar : Speedy delivery no hassles , but must have screwed up the process as got no effects

    Von am 28/Jun/2016 :

    Titel : Useful for self-knowledge
    Kommentar : a) Thanks for the Zamnesia team ! Fast service, fast and relevant answers to questions... b) Preparation : 3g peganum harmala (MAOI) + 15 g banisteriopsis caapi (MAOI) + 10 g mimosa hostilis (DMT) or--(I get the same results-- 5g mimosa hostilis + 7g chaliponga (DMT), all grounded to a fine powder. Plus mint and vinegar. I boil it, to get about one litre. I use the dregs for a second boil. It takes two hours. It makes for two sessions. For the first session I drink a half litre plus all the dregs (with water, until it’s all down). c) Apart from the spectacular visuals, I really don’t need plants to have these effects. But it got me ‘’stuck’’ with my mind and becoming very clear about what I think regarding things, what is important or obvious in my personal Weltanschauung…. It is a healthy reminder. Overall I’ve come to enjoy this, it’s like a meditation (and some physical effects—body is floppy). P.S. added bonus, since I have to fast till sunset, I feel fit as a fiddle the next day—I see that when I’m doing my morning pull-ups (no, I’m not ripped, it’s just for … pleasure).

    Von am 21/Apr/2016 :

    Titel : Awesome
    Kommentar : I've mixed it whit p.viridis

    Von am 19/Feb/2016 :

    Titel : Taste isnt that bad!
    Kommentar : Product is legit. It works as intended'! I will try this version with various sources. I will update my review, when I have progressed :)

    Von am 14/Feb/2016 :

    Titel : A way to contact other dimensions when prepared correctly
    Kommentar : You have to prepare this product correctly. Search on the net if you don't know how to prepare it (I found a good receipe like boiling it 3 times 3 hours long with some vinegar)... Take care not to eat something fat before using this magic drink (if you don't take care, the IMAO inhibitor which you take with like chaliponga or else would let bad chemicals entering your stomach) The travel is so difficult to describe... Good cooking ang good travel, have fun !

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