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 5/5 (93)

    great equipment!


    good alternative
    This bag is somewhat better than the "supa gro bag" - It's smaller than the supa gro bag so it stands upright. It has a microfilter and not just holes in it. You might have to watch your cake more carefully because the growkit manuals aren't designed for this bag. Just don't forget you have to spray your cake less often because the bag keeps a high humidity level and you have to open the bag from time to time to get fresh oxygen. (If the bag is really misty don't spray it with water and if you mushrooms get "fuzzy feet", a white mycel on their bottom, they get to few oxygen)


    Definetly a better choice over the regular supa gro bag you get with the kit which has only holes instead of the microfilter that keeps the contaminants outside. I would suggest this to anyone using the supa gro kit and see no reason why this product shouldn't get 5 stars. Although you have to take care of your air exchange more often than with the regular bag but that shouldn't be too much of a problem. Thank you Zamnesia :)


    a lot better than default SupaGro bag!


    Great alternative to the bags that come with the 'Supa Gro' range!
    As said in title personally a better quality (all in all) than the grow bag that comes with the Supa Gros (which are top notch cakes BTW ;) ) This time around I grabbed a Supa Gro I opted to get one of these filtered bags and I can certainly say its constantly misty in there. Plus 1 big thing was I could never get the bags that come with Supa Gro to stay up straight whilst these are a triangle dream :) Cant even see whats going on without a torch for the amount of humidity! Cant wait to see if the bag encourages growth of nice tall mushrooms as my Ecuadurians are only at pin head level ATM :) A+++++ Would defo recomend over the bag which comes with Supa Gro not to put their actual kits down as they are great!!


    Noch zu klein!
    Wäre super wenn ihr wenn ihr die Filterbeutel in der passenden grösse der xxl boxen anbieten könntet! Also untere kantenlänge 24cm und hoehe 56cm ungefähr! Das sind die Tüten von Unicorn die Reihe xls-B! Mfg


    Warum nicht gleich so
    Tütten passen perfekt für die Supa Gro 100% Zuchtboxen, besser wie die "Originalen" auch in der Verarbeitung.


    Gut gedacht!
    einfach und sehr hilfsreich


    Filter bag
    A high-quality filter bag. I recommend this product.


    Bought a SupaGro 100% mycelium kit, and the bag that came with the kit had holes in it. These bags seem better in terms of keeping unwanted bacteria and potentially dangerous spores out of the kit. :)

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