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Zamnesia Karma Silikonpfeife (PieceMaker)

 4.5/5 (23)

    Super Cool
    Bin begeistert 🤩


    piece maker
    Good hits, easy to clean good price as well..


    Yes indeed ^.^
    I wasn’t personally attracted to this baby - but according to my entourage, my beloved glass pipes are too obnoxious, and I always get the outlandish crack pipe comparison :/ Black otter smokes well. Cleans well with a shake of salt and alcohol. It’s hardly breakable…. I must admit I love it!


    Kleiner, praktischer satisfyer


    Sehr Gut
    Ideal für Salvia


    goed, kan tegen een stootje, makkelijk te onderhouden, enkel pluspunten


    Very impressed
    I’ve never had a pipe before but this is way better than rolling. Cleaning takes no effort, it can easily be carried, I’ve fallen asleep on top of it and it looks pretty cool as well. Recommended definitely.


    Really good!!
    Excellent pipe really portable and very easy to clean!


    Got it as a gift
    I got it as a gift from zamnesia with an order I placed I like this material more as a pipe


    Bonne petite pipe de qalité


    Beginner Pipe
    Easy to use and best/cheap way to start pipe smoking


    This pipe is fucking amazing practic gadget i recommend this motherfuckin staff.its not only for smoke can also smoke shit of you uncle. 10/10. really .it's great because it doesn't break like glass. I've never had anything this fucking awesome for smoke.


    Pratica e simpatica
    Pratica e simpatica, il braciere nn è molto capiente (poco profondo) ma è asportabile per la pulizia. Va bene per chi viaggia ... a casa preferisco legno o vetro


    Nice, but I dunno how to use it
    I have bought this just to fill my order (and wanted to try it too). The bowl is really large with lots of holes. So once you light it up, you get lots of harsh smoke. Not a pleasant experience. But again, I am inexperienced pipe smoker. I am fan of vaporizing, I do joints and blunts occasionaly. It is mystery to me how to enjoy this pipe. Thou it is quite nice piece.


    Pipa in silicone
    Molto valida


    My Fav Pipe
    Very nice Silicone Material, easy to clean and of course, heatproof. My fav pipe from now on.


    Franchement, pas déçu de mon achat
    J'avais un peu peur sur le fait qu'elle soit faite en silicone (je n'en avais jamais vu en cette matière avant) et bah pourtant c'est bien la meilleure pipe que j'ai pu essayer pour le moment, elle est facile à nettoyer et à transporter, vraiment top.


    Le top
    Petite, souple en silicone et facile à nettoyer. Le foyer en métal est de bonne capacité et il n'y a pas besoin de rajouter des filtres au fond. Il y a un capuchon également pour la propreté. Pour la nettoyer, il suffit d'y faire couler de l'eau chaude et fini les odeurs.


    Best pipe I own.
    The bowl is nice and deep. You can really pack it out. Nice secure lid for ease of traveling.. and folds! cleans with just soap and hot water. I love this.

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