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Bud Case Bundle für PAX (BudKups)

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    Wil ook al een tijdje stoppen met tabak en dacht Vapen is de oplossing. Ik heb de pax 2 en de smaak is echt puur en lekker maar heel weinig rookvorming. Nu met deze cups is het dag en nacht verschil. Je voelt het ook goed branden in je keel. Makkelijk doosje, je kan ze mooi vullen en discreet meepakken in je zak, En nog een groter voordeel, ik kan nu binnen vapen want je riekt het na een paar minuten niet meer. Maar je zit wel te genieten in een rookvrije ruimte zonder dat iemand het door heeft Dus echt een aanrader!

    W. D.

    Budcups 3.0
    Hello, I'm a normal smoker using paper and tobacco... 3x a day for now 21years straight.. I decided to stop using tobacco seeming I don't smoke cigarettes. And u have no use for it.. I know waited to long... After reading 100's of reviews i ordered myself a pax 2. Upon arrival I used it 2x. Why? It had almost. O smoke and when done the heat chamber almost turned black brownish of heating the herbs. After leaving it be for 2 months I decided to order the BUDCUPS 3.0 They have arrived and I haven't stopped using it since.. the box can handle 6x cups trust when I say for me 2cups is the equivalent of a spliff and gives me a hour of smoking time. The flavour is wonderfull seeming the metal heat chamber. The smoke is top. Heat level 2 and 3 is same as the normal smoke I get from a spliff. For me this works and I've been trying alot to get rid of the tobacco. So for this item wich should be bought with the cups or u need pax 3.this is well worth its money!!!

    M. D.

    Very useful for on the way
    I was always a bit lazy to take this Handy PAX out for day or even to a party because I don´t wanted to take bags with herbs with and always have the work with filling and so on. This caps fit perfect and are really great and handy. Very easy to fill and clean. Nearly no differences to the using witouht those cap. And I like the case in which you can store 6 packs. The PAX and packcase fit great in a small shoulder bag and make everything outside a bit more happy

    M. H.
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