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Strawberry Banana (BSB Genetics) feminisiert

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    Fantastic strain! Healthy and very fast grow in vegetation & bloom! We have to harvested earlier, think about three weeks, so we didn't flushed out completly, But honestly Awesome nuggs production! Smells like candys, with a little touch from earthy strawberry. Taste more like banana. First we thought this were banana OG but it's a mixture of Banana Kush and Bubblegum. -> Really Guys, Delicious! In Past, we had the strain "Banana" from Zamnesia. Completly purple nuggs which tasted medical banana and the Taste of Strawberry Banana reminds us of the fantastic purple nuggs from Banana (Zamnesia) We gonna buying both strains again in the Future! We did haevested for two days ago and dudes we love it! You could smoking her as a early harvest and could smoking her two days after cut because she drys so good and balanced Strawberry Banana is a strain for everyone, beginners and champions! react good of LST and Topping feed her a lot for bigger nuggs but don't forget to flush her out two weeks before you'll harvesting! :D Time to Smoke Her! :p have a good day and stay healthy!

    L. T.
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