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High Level (Eva Seeds) feminisiert

 4.5/5 (4)

    More of an outdoor strain
    I would recommend to grow these plants outside due to her low yield indoors. 3 plants planted indoor total outcome around 40g but more like 38g. On the other hand a friend of mine groilliad these ones. He planted 2 seeds and yielded without any attention or care of the plants 350g dry buds each plant. They grew into behemoths and were nearly 3 meters tall. So if u want to grow her do not grow her indoor unless you have a lot of time for training. She doesn’t need a lot of nutrients and care but if you can PLANT HER OUTSIDE!!! the high of this strain is really sativa psycodelic, motivating and cerebral. Great strain for outdoor Hobbys like fishing, swimming or just chilling outside whit your friends. Actually a cool strain but it’s not worth to grow her inside.

    K. K.

    super service impecable
    bonne marchandise ,tres bonne equipe

    P. C.

    Very nice and healthy plants!

    P. S.
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