Smoke Weed At Home
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Best Places To Smoke Weed At Home

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We all have our favourite place to have a smoke in the comfort of our home. For some it depends on what's the most discreet. For others it's simply a case of luxury. Whether you're a stealthy smoker or you're seeking the comfiest spots. This guide can help you to pick the best places in your house to get high.

Whether you live on your own, with your friends or with your family. Everyone has their favourite place to smoke a spliff, bong or puff their vaporizer. Where that is exactly probably depends on a number of factors: how nosy your landlord/lady is, whether your parents or friends are in agreement about your pot habit, or just how lazy you tend to be.



Everyone has a place they love to get lit. For some it's in the great outdoors, for others its right next to their sound system. Most just like somewhere they can lay down and sprawl out as much as possible.


If you love to get stoned outdoors, why not try the garden. We have to say, in our opinion, the outdoor smoking experience is great and is always enhanced by how lovely your garden looks. It could even offer you a motivational boost to get your garden looking beautiful. Maybe you could even start a guerrilla grow in your back garden to fill up the time! For most of us, a good chair and a blue sky overhead is plenty to keep in wonder and awe as we enjoy our smoke.


The greatest lazy luxury of all, you can roll up, stick on your favourite music, dim the lights and lean back - all without having to move more than a few feet. This can be the greatest of all as you can feel totally free in your own space. Just be careful not to get too comfortable as you can get stuck there for too long! Go outside, lazy!


Another lazy but awesome option. You can take full advantage of all the space on your sofa and any devices within reaching distance such as the TV, games console, music. Just be sure to pack drinks and munchies before you go because you may not want to get up for a while.

  • ROOF

Possibly the greatest spot of all. Out of sight of anyone, with added possibility of a lovely view - and the special ability to people watch. What could be better than enjoying your session while elevated high above the streets below? If you're lucky enough to have a roof spot I'm sure you know how great this is! Just be careful - don't mess around on the roof, and if your roof is inaccessible, leave it at that. Going out of your way to get on a roof can be dangerous. 

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stoners love to have a smoke in the bath

If avoiding detection is your primary concern when getting high at home - you probably have or should consider some places in your house that prevent you from being snooped on. There's nothing worse than getting caught in the middle of your smoke session.


Some stoners love to have a smoke in the bath. Others find ways of avoiding getting caught by using the bathroom, like using the A/C or pretending you're having a shower. The sly smokers opt for the hot shower because they believe that when the steam dissipates the smell will follow. You can also use some spray or run some hot water in the bath with shampoo or body wash to offer a lovely fragrance as you leave.

We know some die-hard stoners that loving nothing more than to run a hot bath in the afternoon on their day off and enjoy a nice joint with their bath. We have to admit it's not a bad idea, although we can bet we would end up falling asleep in the bath and end up leaving the bathroom looking like a wrinkly raisin. If you think you can avoid falling asleep when you're high in the tub; maybe you could even light some candles and get all romantic with it.


Probably not as luxurious as a bath, but you will definitely be reducing the risk of getting on anyone's nerves. The smell is likely to stay in the garage - if not seep out into the street outside a little. But unless you live in a densely populated area, it is unlikely to be an issue - stay smart, though.

You could even pimp your garage out and throw an armchair in there, or anything else you can think of that would enhance your downtime. Maybe if you have a large enough shed at the end of your garden, you could take advantage of this too.


Just imagine what you could do with a basement smoke spot! Throw in a pool table, pinball machine, games console, sound system, sofa or even a beanbag - the basement is your oyster. Perhaps if you're on a budget this kind of dream is not realistic. But a basement is still a good idea if you want to avoid detection - especially from nosy neighbours!



  • Stash your gear

If you really need to hide what you are doing it might be worth stashing your gear somewhere safe so that if anyone becomes suspicious you are already covered. There are all kinds of stash gear available: wall clocks, camera lenses, or you can just use something small and discreet that you can stash away easily.

  • Timing

A crucial part of staying hidden when you're smoking is timing. If you can find a certain time when people are out of the house, or your neighbours aren't in then you could consider taking advantage of this. If you can't find a quiet time, maybe you can make the disguise of a call from your boyfriend or girlfriend or take a sly shower after dinner.

  • Use a window

Open your windows right up and be sure to poke your head out. This will help to reduce the smell inside the house and keep the air flow moving.

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Use a fan - Especially if you have it running with the window open, this can be a great idea to diffuse the smell. Best to use a room that already has a fan in it so that you don't look questionable carrying a fan around the house.

Remember to brush your teeth, clean your hands, wash your hair. The smell can cling to you because your hair is porous and the tar can also stick to your skin.

You could burn some incense or even a big stick of White Sage to cover up your smoke operation with some lovely fragrance, added bonus of extra ambience! If you're not a fan of the smell, you could use some odour neutraliser or deodorant. A candle such as a Yankee candle could work too. All of these things will confuse the odour receptors in the nose so are a perfect choice.

It might be worth trying out a vaporizer if you haven't already, although it does produce a smell, it doesn't tend to be as strong or linger or cling to fabrics for as long. Another benefit is that you can get high a lot quicker, so the time you're spending seems less suspicious.

Essential if you're smoking in the bathroom or bedroom - block the gaps in the door! Some fresh towels will help to keep the surrounding area smelling fresh as air goes through to the other side.

Everyone has different needs and requirements when it comes to the ideal smoking spot. For some it's stealth, for others, it's comfort, while many prefer the ideal scenery. If you are struggling to find your favourite place, we hope this article helps!

Luke Sholl
Luke Sholl
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