Review Policy


Zamnesia scours the cosmos for the very best products mother nature has to offer. But how do you know if our products or services are right for you? Zamnesia prides itself on an open and transparent shopping experience, highlighted by thousands of onsite and external reviews.

Product reviews: Zamnesia operates a 5-star rating system for customers to leave feedback directly on our website. To leave a review, you must possess a valid Zamnesia account and have purchased the product you are reviewing.  

Service reviews: In partnership with Kiyoh, customers can rate our customer service using a 5-star rating system. Kiyoh is an independent service requiring proof of purchase before leaving a review.     

Zamnesia Review Policy FAQ

🧑 Who can leave a product review?
Any customers, regardless of whether they’ve had a positive or negative experience, can leave a review on products they’ve purchased directly from Zamnesia. The only time we’ll remove reviews is if they contain offensive language or don’t discuss the product in question.
✅ How does Zamnesia verify its reviews?
All reviewers must have a valid Zamnesia account with a completed order containing the product they wish to review. Customers are unable to leave reviews on products they have not purchased.
💰Does Zamnesia offer paid reviews?
Zamnesia does not offer a paid review service.
🤝How does the partnership between Kiyoh and Zamnesia work?
Kiyoh is an independent review service that allows customers to rate their shopping experience. Working with an external review site ensures total transparency and offers a genuine, unbiased overview of our customer service.
⭐ How does Kiyoh verify its customer service reviews?
Any customer that buys a product from Zamnesia can rate their shopping experience using Kiyoh. After uploading proof of purchase, you can write a review which Kiyoh's Feedback Management Team will verify before publication.
🔍 Where can I find more information about the Zamnesia or Kiyoh review process?
Zamnesia customers can leave, amend or update reviews on any product they’ve purchased using the review tab on their ‘My account’ page.

You can also find the summary of Zamnesia’s performance, including our 5-star rating and any relevant customer service awards at our Zamnesia Kiyoh page