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Here, you will find all our available US Headshop products in one place. More and more products are always being added, and the range will expand dramatically over the next few months. All of the products listed below are ready to ship right now. So get to know our range and get paired with products that suit your preferences and budget and perform precisely how you want them to.

Zamnesia's Headshop caters to all customer needs, from bongs to ashtrays to lighters to grinders. So whether you're a casual smoker or a seasoned stoner, you're in the right place. Let Zamnesia's products guide you to the best kinds of highs to enjoy solo or with some of your closest friends.

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Zamnesia Hemp Rolling Papers King Size + Tips

We are excited to introduce our own branded rolling papers! Crafted from natural unrefined fibers, these papers offer a slow burn and are designed to stay lit better than other paper types. Enjoy the subtle sweetness derived from the natural ingredients. Each pack comes with 32 leaves and 32 tips, perfect for enthusiasts of legal herbal blends. The dimensions of each paper are 4.25 x 1.77...

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Zamnesia Rolling Papers King Size + Tips

We are excited to offer our exclusive branded set designed for hand-rolling enthusiasts. Zamnesia Rolling Papers King Size + Tips includes 32 ultra-thin king size sheets for a consistent and slow burn, along with 32 tips. The size of each sheet is approximately 4.25 x 1.77 inches.

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Smell-Proof Puff Pouch (Zamnesia)

Carry your aromatic items discreetly with our stylish Smell-Proof Puff Pouch. The 5-layer fabric construction ensures odors are contained, and your items are shielded from moisture and accidental spills. The pouch's size is ideal for any backpack, providing ample space to store your travel essentials and accessories.

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Premium Grinder (Zamnesia)

The Premium Grinder by Zamnesia uses metal blades to swiftly process your herbs. The three-chamber piece features two collection chambers; one for ground material and the other for fine particles.

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Zamnesia Acrylic Grinder

Our acrylic grinder is durable, lightweight, and simple to operate. It's ideal for use at home and on the road, and fellow enthusiasts will recognise our classic logo.

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All Black Metal Rolling Tray (Zamnesia)

Understanding the importance of a quality rolling tray, we've enhanced the design to meet your needs. The All Black Metal Rolling Tray by Zamnesia provides an ideal surface to prepare your herbs and roll with ease—featuring a minimal, sleek, and sturdy design. Zamnesia builds upon a classic design, adding thoughtful features for an improved experience.

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Pipe Cleaners (Zamnesia)

Maintaining the cleanliness of your smoking accessory is essential for a pleasant and tasteful experience. Whether you're using a hand pipe or a water pipe, these cleaning tools with woven wire bristles are designed to keep your equipment in top condition. Length: 6 inches. Content: 100 pcs.

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Geotextile Fabric Pot

Keep your plant's roots in pristine condition with this Zamnesia Fabric Pot. The vessel allows air to flow through the sides while keeping the substrate hydrated and moist. The durable material can handle one grow operation after the other. 

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Professional Pruning Shears

If you're looking for complete control over unruly plants, or just want to tidy up a few stray branches, the Professional Pruning Shears by Zamnesia are sure to do the trick. These comfortable cutters sit easily in your hand, thanks to a PVC grip, allowing you to precisely clip and chop as you please. They certainly won't slip while you're trimming, no matter the confines of your growing...

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Zamnesia Unbleached Rolling Papers King Size + Tips

Our own branded set of unbleached rolling papers for hand-rolled cigarettes. Each pack of Zamnesia Unbleached Rolling Papers King Size + Tips includes 32 extra-thin, king size leaves for an even and slow burn, and 32 tips. These rolling papers are naturally brown, as they are not chlorine-bleached, providing a cleaner smoking experience without altering the flavor of your hand-rolled...

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Pink Rolling Papers 'Runtz' Kingsize + Tips + Tray (Zamnesia)

From the team at Zamnesia comes another top-notch accessory for smoking enthusiasts. This pack not only includes high-quality rolling papers but also comes with an ample supply of filters for a smoother experience. And for added convenience, the packet transforms into a durable rolling tray. Enjoy the ease of preparing your materials wherever you go.

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Activated Coconut Charcoal Filters (Zamnesia)

Ready for an unparalleled filtration experience? These 1/4 inch slim filter tips are crafted with activated coconut shell carbon for superior filtration, ensuring a pure taste and consistent airflow.

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BHO Mat (Zamnesia)

The Zamnesia BHO Mat combines a fibreglass and silicone construct into the ultimate non-stick mat for use with all your concentrates. Whether you are making or using, the high-grade oil-slick nature of this mat will ensure you get the job done with absolutely no wastage. It is an essential piece of kit for any concentrate enthusiast. 

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Pot Markers (Zamnesia) 5 pcs

Maintaining an orderly garden is key to success. When nurturing a variety of botanicals, organization is crucial. Use these garden markers to label each plant clearly with essential details like the date of planting, strain, necessary nutrient levels, and more, ensuring you can always distinguish your cherished plants. Package contains: 5 markers. Dimensions: 4.7 x 1.8 inches

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Zamnesia Karma Silicone Pipe (PieceMaker)

The Karma silicone pipe by PieceMaker is a pocket-sized piece crafted from silicone and equipped with a built-in stainless steel screen for clean hits every time. Now branded with an exclusive Zamnesia logo! 

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Zamnesia Rolling Tips

Enjoy a hassle-free experience with our pre-cut filter tips, designed for uniformity and ease of use. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of cutting and shaping your own. Each pack provides you with a generous count of tips to suit your needs. A booklet contains 50 tips.

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Rolling Papers On A Roll (Zamnesia)

This strip of roll-your-own paper made by the team at Zamnesia allows you to craft cylindrical smoking papers of up to 13 feet long, if you can create a support structure! Allowing creativity and freedom with rolling, Zamnesia Roll-Your-Own Papers On A Roll are the perfect addition to the smoking connoisseur's arsenal.

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Bamboo Rolling Stash Tray (Zamnesia)

Wanna roll with class? Zamnesia's new Bamboo Rolling Tray / Stash Box boasts a sleek, modern design and all the features you need to roll comfortably and in style. With a magnetic lid and clean cutouts to hold your grinder, papers, and all other rolling accessories, our Bamboo Rolling Stash Tray is the one tray to truly rule them all.

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LED Rolling Tray (Zamnesia)

Looking for a fun way to enhance your sessions? The Zamnesia LED Tray is bound to do the trick! Illuminate your area before finely milling and preparing on this generous surface. Tied together with eye-catching Zamnesia graphics, this accessory is suitable for all. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or an occasional user, don't get caught without a tray!

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Metal Ashtray X (Zamnesia)

Celebrate 10 years of Zamnesia with the Metal Ashtray X. This round tray features our unmistakable Zammi design and is perfect for holding ash from legally enjoyed herbs. Display it proudly as a testament to your preference for quality accessories, or if you're a dedicated Zamnesia enthusiast, treasure it as a collector's item! The choice is yours.

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Trippy Glasses

Simulate a Sativa white-out with these light polarising lenses that’ll transport you into a hazy world of rainbows. It’s like tripping for free - and safe too!

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Zamnesia Keychain

As a fan of Zamnesia, this is the merch you’ve been waiting for—made from durable materials moulded into a colourful leaf design with our very own spiritual master “Zammi” taking pride of place front and centre. Measuring 5.5 x 5cm with a thickness of 7mm, this keychain is sure to be a conversation starter among friends. If they ask where you got it, just make sure to send them our way, OK?

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Keychain Beer Opener (Zamnesia)

Save your teeth and take the Zamnesia Keychain Beer Opener everywhere you go! With the unmistakable Zamnesia logo emblazoned along the top, you can carry a little piece of your favourite online store with you no matter where you are. With a handy keyring attached, you can add this essential accessory to your house keys. So next time you want a beer, you'll have the right tool for the job!...

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Joint Tube (Zamnesia)

The innovative Joint Tube assists in extinguishing and preserving your legal herbal joint when you need to pause. Place your lit item in the Joint Tube, and it will be out in moments. The Joint Tube is crafted from heat-resistant and odor-free plastic, ensuring no alteration to the taste.

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