What Is Hotboxing And How To Do It?
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What Is Hotboxing And How To Do It?

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As many a stoner's method of first experiencing cannabis, hotboxing is an intense way to enjoy the herb, and excellent to partake in with friends. Read on to find out everything you need to know about hotboxing, and how it can enhance the smoking experience for you and your mates. Once you've tried it, you certainly won't forget it in a hurry.

Cannabis lovers are always seeking novel ways to enjoy the herb. One classic but “hotly” disputed method is hotboxing. For veteran stoners, the word immediately brings to mind memories of carefree, younger days smoking weed with friends. But don’t worry; even if you’re a hotbox virgin, you can still indulge in this smoke-laden pastime. Allow us to take you through everything you need to know.

What does “hotboxing” mean?

What Does “hotboxing” Mean?

Hotboxing is essentially the act of smoking pot in a small, enclosed, and unventilated space. It's definitely a practice that should be exercised with caution and moderation, but the idea is that combining smoke with an excess of carbon dioxide is a sure-fire to get very high. While it's not the safest method of consuming cannabis, and therefore is contested by some, it's definitely a great way to have fun with friends. But it's best to enjoy every now and again—be sure not to make it your primary method of getting stoned.

Will hotboxing get you higher?

Even with multiple published studies on the topic, the debate over this question rages on. But the simple answer is yes, hotboxing does actually get you higher—but it’s not for the reason you probably think. Many believe the excess smoke is responsible, but in truth it's the lack of oxygen that makes for a headier experience.

As you're smoking cannabis in an enclosed space, you're essentially robbing your brain of oxygen, making the hotbox high extra potent. However, this is only achieved in a small and unventilated area, as open areas will only encourage more oxygen into the situation.

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Preparing for your hotboxing session

What do you need for a successful hotbox session with friends? While not difficult to prepare, it’s more than just a case of finding an enclosed spot and bringing a couple buds. Here are some suggestions.

Bring enough weed

Bring Enough Weed

In order for a hotbox to work, you need to have enough weed to really fill the space with smoke. One joint between all of you is probably not gonna cut it. That said, joints and blunts are recommended over regular pipes and bongs, as they create more ambient smoke, leading to a smokier hotbox.

Pre-roll your joints

Don't leave it until you're at your hotboxing location to roll your joints. Prepare them at home so they’re ready to go when you get there. Not only does this save you time, but it’ll save you from having to roll subsequent joints in a smoke-filled space where it’s hard to see.

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Stock up on drinks

Stock Up On Drinks

With the reduction of oxygen and an increase in smoke inhalation, the dreaded cotton mouth is bound to take effect. So don't be stingy; bring plenty of drinks to stay hydrated throughout the hotbox.

Bring some snacks

Of course, we couldn't mention drinks without snacks. So when the munchies strike, have a selection of savoury and sweet treats on standby to enjoy. You definitely don't want to be seen emerging from a smoke-filled car to go buy snacks at your local shop.

Turn up the music

Turn Up The Music

Set the right vibe for your hotbox by bringing some music to the session. A carefully curated hotbox playlist will only heighten the fun for you and your fellow smokers. Put on some classic hits and kick back.

Bust out some beers

This is purely a matter of personal taste, but bringing an expertly crafted IPA can pair incredibly well with the terpenes in marijuana. Of course, just be sure that nobody is planning on driving home, and keep the drinking to a minimum overall.

The best places to hotbox

So, we've established the perfect hotbox conditions, but how does that translate to real-world locations? Below are a few places to consider for the ultimate hotbox experience. Remember, the area must be small, enclosed, and unventilated. This could be a small greenhouse, closet, sauna, or even a fort made out of pillows. The possibilities are basically endless when it comes to creating the perfect hotbox. Just use what you have, and you can't go wrong.

Hotboxing a car

Hotboxing A Car

The absolute classic when it comes to hotboxing; simply jump into your or a friend's car, close all the windows and doors, turn on the radio, and get blazing. Of course, it goes without saying, but the car should be stationary at all times, and no attempt at driving should be made during or shortly after hotboxing.

Just enjoy the session with some of your best friends, best bud, and favourite drinks and snacks. Lastly, ensure that your car is parked in a secure and safe location. You certainly don't want any police or passersby knocking on your window while you're enjoying your buzz.

Hotboxing a bathroom

Perfect for house parties, or if you don't have a car handy, just use the bathroom. Because bathrooms generally don't have large windows, it offers discretion. Simply invite a few of your buddies inside and then shut the door. The tiled bathroom acts as the perfect hotbox. Just be sure not to use the only bathroom available, or you might get some unwelcome pounding on the door for people desperate to get in and use the toilet.

Hotboxing a tent

Hotboxing A Tent

Ideal for those adventurous stoner types. Why not turn a camping trip into a hotboxing haven? Get everyone inside your tent, zip up the door, and let the festivities begin. Thanks to the waterproof and airtight nature of the tent's fabric, it makes the perfect hotbox. What's more, after you're done, you can go out on a starry hike or cook some food by the campfire.

So next time you're packing for a night in the woods, don't forget to bring your weed and other hotboxing essentials.

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Is hotboxing dangerous?

We've already alluded to the fact that hotboxing shouldn't be your go-to method of smoking, as it can be pretty intense—and not just for novices, but the experienced too. It's no secret that spending hours in a room filled with secondhand cannabis smoke will cause issues due to the lack of oxygen. So definitely err on the side of caution when hotboxing, and recognise the signs of when you've had enough. There's no shame in stepping out for a moment or two to get some fresh air if you feel the need.

Give hotboxing a try

Give Hotboxing A Try

So there you have it; our breakdown of all things hotboxing. All that's left to do is give it a try yourself. Follow our preparation recommendations and find a suitable spot to smoke, and a fun time with friends undoubtedly awaits. While we’ve covered some classic hotbox locations, the only limit is your imagination. So gather a few friends and get into hotboxing today.

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