Fresh Vs Dried Magic Mushrooms
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Fresh Vs Dried Magic Mushrooms: Who Reigns Supreme?

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You're about to go on your first magic mushroom trip. Some say go with fresh, while others say eating dried shrooms is much better. This article should help you understand the differences, allowing you to determine which option suits you best.

So, you’ve decided to go on your first magic mushroom trip and cross it off your bucket list. You already know where to get them, where to go, and who to bring along, but there’s another big question you need to answer: How do you even begin consuming them?

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Many of the more experienced shroom trippers would advise you to eat them dried, but there are those who swear by taking them fresh. For this piece, we’ll be focusing more on the latter.

Now, of course, there are pros and cons to consuming fresh mushrooms, so we’ll be touching on both types, zeroing in on the differences in terms of storage, potency, taste, and dose.

Like with anything in life, there’s always something new to learn. So whether you’re about to head into your very first psychedelic trip or looking to enhance your experience, this article should be worth a read.


Fresh vs Dried Magic Mushrooms: Storage

Fresh mushrooms are said to be more potent compared to their dried counterparts (more on this below). The downside, however, is that it could be a challenge when it comes to storage.

The average shelf-life of fresh shrooms stored in the fridge is 5–10 days. Beyond that, you’re increasing the risk of decay, which would be a waste of money and a fine product.

So, if you’re looking to have your mushrooms in your possession longer, drying them is the best way to go about it. You’ll need to store them properly, of course—ideally in an airtight container like a mason jar.


Fresh vs Dried Magic Mushrooms: Potency

We did mention how you might get a stronger kick if you consume mushrooms fresh. This is a huge topic of debate, but it’s nonetheless been the general consensus among many users.

Storage issues aside, trippers who tend to go for fresh shrooms often report a more “intense” trip. There’s also the weight issue; the dried variant is largely devoid of water, with fresh ones weighing about ten times heavier.

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Let’s add a bit of science to the discussion by looking at two key psychedelic components: psilocin and psilocybin. Psilocybin eventually converts to psilocin in the body, which is the compound that makes you trip. However, psilocybin is more stable in raw mushrooms, whereas psilocin instantly begins to degrade upon exposure to heat and oxygen.

With that in consideration, there’s an argument to be made on why keeping it fresh also means keeping it potent. It is also why many prefer eating shrooms right from the grow kit, when the high is at its “peak”. You’ll need perfect timing for that, but you can slow down the growth process by placing your kit inside the fridge.


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Fresh vs Dried Magic Mushrooms: Dose

When you dry your fresh mushrooms, they'll lose roughly 90% of their weight in evaporated water. As a result, you'll need to adjust your dose when consuming them. As the mushrooms dry, they shrink, and their mass and active compounds become more concentrated, meaning you'll need far fewer dry shrooms to feel the same effects you'd feel from fresh ones.

As a general rule of thumb, you can decrease your dose of dry shrooms by roughly 90% to compensate for this, but we recommend using the Zamnesia Magic Mushroom/Truffle Dosage Calculator for more accurate dosing.

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Fresh vs Dried Magic Mushrooms: Taste

Magic mushrooms don’t taste like the regular mushrooms you buy from the store or grow in your garden. These psychedelics are a lot earthier in both flavour and texture, which may throw off first-timers.

But if we’re comparing the taste between fresh and dried, a lot more will gravitate towards the former. The latter’s texture could be off-putting, and could ruin the flavour experience altogether.

Whether you’re consuming magic mushrooms dried or fresh, there are ways to enhance the taste to make it a lot more palatable. You can take it in chocolates, ground up and mixed with lemon juice and some ice, or soaked in some pesto or honey—you have options.

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As we mentioned earlier, however, heat degrades the quality and potency of your magic mushrooms. As such, you'll want to avoid cooking or baking them. If stirring them into chocolate, for example, do so off direct heat. Not only will you get more bang for your buck, but you’ll make the most of your overall trip.

Is Fresh Best? — You Decide!

Magic Mushrooms: Is Fresh Best?

Especially for inexperienced users looking to go on their first psychedelic magic mushroom trip, this article should give you more information to work with before making that first dive. You may want to seek the guidance of more users, but hopefully it reduces any apprehensions you have about fresh vs dried mushrooms.

Ultimately, the choice will depend on your preference, resources, and the efforts you’re willing to put in. Regardless of what you go with, just remember one thing: trip wisely. If you’re doing it for the first time, make sure you’re in a safe space with people you trust. Most of all, enjoy the journey and let go of all inhibitions. Ready yourself for a life-changing experience, to say the least.

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